Review: Slammed

Slammed by Colleen Hoover

*Note* This book is NOT rated NA, there are no sex scenes, and it would be suitable for a YA audience, in my opinion. 

Slammed is Colleen Hoover's first published series (there's 3: Slammed, Point of Retreat, and This Girl), but it was my last to read of her work. I kinda do things backwards but in this case, I did them all out of order. I read Hopeless and Losing Hope before moving on to Finding Cinderella and Maybe Someday, and THEN to Slammed. Whatever. It doesn't really make any difference because Colleen is flawless every.single.time. 

In Slammed we meet Layken (though most call her Lake) who's coping with the unexpected loss of her father. Add to that pain, her mom decides it's time to move less than 6 months later and during her senior year of high school. Lake is a force to be reckoned with, whether she fully realizes that or not. She's independent and strong, brave and fierce.. but it's not in an "all in your face" way. She's got that quiet bravery, and quiet beauty. Plus, she's freaking hilarious saying things like "Will slams poetry. I slam doors." and noting that she'd like to punch people in the face when she's mad. (Sounds like my kinda girl.) 

So Lake, along with her mom and little brother move to their new, much smaller home, miles and miles away from her Texas home, to which she drove the Uhaul (it seems pointless but I don't think I could so hey, I dig her for that.) Her little brother, Kel befriends a boy his age, Caulder. This in turn, leads to Lake meeting Will. (man, I want to meet Will Cooper.) Will is 21 to Lake's 18 and really the age gap at 18 isn't that big of a deal. I can relate to it easily, because I lived it. 

They have one of those instantaneous sparks, though it takes a while for either of them to admit it, at least to each other. They have that kind of spark that most people only read about in books or see in movies, dream about when listening to music. I know that some people really get turned off by the love at first sight thing, but this book isn't just "they fall in love, and it's meant to be, and they have lots of sex, and they break up and make up, and the end." So, don't give up on it for that reason.  

Everything finally seems to be looking up for Lake until she attends her first day at her new school. She's even actually having an okay day there, meeting new people and the girl who would eventually become her closest confidant, Eddie. Then, she goes to 3rd period and her world falls apart all over again. What happens is not at all what I expected, and it really makes you wonder how many people struggle with these types of issues everyday. It could've very easily been my life. It was just a shocking revelation, but also easily believable. 
The title 'Slammed' comes from the slam poetry you'll read and see in the book.

As is normal when problems arise, things get tricky. Waters get hard to navigate. Emotions get hard to talk about, but also as is normal - emotions don't just go away. Lake struggles through getting through the grief of losing of her father only to find out that she may lose her mother too, and consequently, her brother. You'll find that through all of this, Lake finds her bravery, her voice, and her wisdom and becomes such a strong character for it. 

You guys know I'm not gonna tell you what happens, just know that you'll need kleenex and you'll also laugh while you're crying - in true Colleen Hoover fashion. If you've not read Slammed, remedy that ASAP. you won't regret it. It makes me wonder how far Colleen Hoover can go. Where do you go when you're already at the top of your game? (She'd say she still has miles to go, but I disagree.) She's just so amazing. Love her work. Love love love. Please check her out! You can see our author spotlight on her HERE.

Fan of the Avett Brothers? Even more reason to read Slammed. You'll find their music entwined all through this book.

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