Review: Hopeless

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Where do I begin with this book? It's so much more than just a love story and it's so hard to describe how it made me feel. I read this book without reading the premise, simply because it was free for a day. I'd heard good things and figured "time to jump in." I'm so glad I did. 

Hopeless is a story that, despite it's title, is about never losing hope.. in more ways than one. It's told in Sky's POV and it's written like journal entries... but more story-telling than a diary would hold. The entries go from the past to the present to the way way back in the day past.. recalling memories that she thought she'd lost, telling stories of a hopeless boy named Dean Holder (we'll get to him, don't worry), and showing that sometimes, there is no right choice...only wrong ones that seem less wrong. One of my favorite quotes from the book reads: "Sometimes you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong choice feels the least wrong." If that's not true about life, I really don't know what is. 
Let's get to the dynamic characters. Sky, the main character, has the biggest heart that's ever come off a page. She's a smart ass, and she's technologically slow, and she's adorable. Top that off with just being a strong woman despite all the shit that happens in her life, and you've got a role model that any young girl or woman can look to and feel good about saying "Wow. I wanna be just like her." 
Her BFF Six, (yeah, she's a rebel. Her parents named her "Seven" but she prefers "Six" instead) is hilarious but unfortunately isn't around a whole lot in the book after the first few chapters. I would've loved to learn more about her, but she's an amazing friend and that's enough for me. 
Breckin, who befriends Sky at school during her first day ever as a public school student - as a senior - (I'm pretty sure that's torture in it's ugliest form) is loud, proud, and Mormon... among other things, and he's Fab-U-Lous.
Dean Holder is the epitome of every book boyfriend I have ever had in my entire life (and I'm not bragging but I've had a lot of them). I mean, he's obviously gorgeous... but he is so intense, and not scared to say what he thinks, not scared to do what he wants, and he's not scared to love. On top of that? He's hilarious, he's strong, and did I say he's gorgeous? He has a single tattoo, it reads "hopeless" - and I won't ruin the reason behind it, but it's beautiful. 
Seriously. I'm not sure how anyone could not picture Steven R. McQueen as their version of Holder.... I need a cold shower....but here's one more. 
So if none of that has convinced you to read the book, then you're hopeless. (see what I did there? I'm so witty.) Seriously though, I suggest you bump it up on your list. Colleen Hoover is brave in her writing - not scared to touch the subjects that are all too often considered taboo. She makes me proud of the writing community. 

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  1. Oh that is why I wanted to tell you at first I thought Colleen was friends with Veronica Roth bc Sky BFF is Six and they have been BESTIES for 4 years and the made me laugh Lol


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