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So you really want your favorite book signed by your favorite author but can't make it to Timbuktu for a signing? Well you're in luck. We'll be posting info here on where you can buy autographed books, send your books for autographs, and the like. 

Have an author that's not listed?  (Amber) the author's name and title of the book and I'll see what I can dig up for you! 

Cora Carmack - You can Pre-Order SIGNED copies of her new release, All Lined Up at Word Book Store

John Green - You can get signed copies of John Green's books from The Book Cellar in Chicago.

Keri Neal - Author of Flightless, Torn, Split, Hopeless (Flightless #2, not yet released)

you can also email  if you have a digital copy you’d like me to sign. 

Dawn Jayne - Author of The Fires of Providence Series, Divorce on Layway, and more.  
Signed books are available on the front page of Dawn's blog.
$7.80 - Price included priority shipping and random swag
International readers can contact Dawn directly for shipping cost:
Kindle readers can request a digital signature through Authorgraph:
 Richelle Mead - Author of The Vampire Academy Series, Bloodlines Series, Georgia Kincaid, Dark Swan, Gameboard of the Gods, and more. 

     If you order books through the website of University Bookstore in Seattle, Richelle will come into the store to sign and personalize them to you before they ship out. There's no additional charge, and the store carries all Richelle's books and will also take pre-orders. International orders are also accepted.

     Here's how to order.  Follow these directions carefully or you might get an unsigned book sent to you!
1. Go to University Bookstore's website and search for Mead, Richelle in the author search. This should pull up a list of books. They carry all currently available titles, including graphic novels. Order the books you want, put them in your shopping cart, and start the check-out process. For anthologies, search by title.  Note: if you have website difficulties, ask for General Books to order over the phone.

2. On the payment page, there's a comment field.  Enter the following: "Please send me an autographed copy (or copies) made out to...."  Then write in who you would like the book or books made out to.  Be VERY specific about the name. Some people say "make it out to me, Joe Smith" when they really just want it made out to "Joe," not Joe Smith.  So tell us exactly which name should be in the book! If you just want Richelle to autograph it with no personalization, then enter "signature only."

3. Pay for the item and complete your order.

4. The store will get in touch with Richelle to stop by and sign the order, then the books will be mailed to you. New releases can't ship out before their release day. It may take a week or so for Richelle to get to the store.

5. PLEASE direct all selling type questions (pre-orders, international shipping costs, etc.) to [email protected]) or the bookstore's mail order department, not Richelle.
Note: Richelle reserves the right to modify specific message requests--especially long ones! The books only have so much room. :)

Cassandra Clare - Author of The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, and more.
Contact Books of Wonder, an independent New York City bookstore — Cassie Clare makes sure they always have signed copies of her books on hand, and you can order any or all of the books by calling the store. [You can 't order the books off their website. You MUST CALL them.] They have signed hardbacks, paperbacks, box sets, etc, and will ship anywhere.
Lauren DeStefano - The Chemical Garden Series, Internment Chronicles (Coming Soon) 
You may contact Barnes and Noble at this location to order signed books from Lauren. 

North Haven

North Haven Crossing
470 Universal Drive North
North Haven, CT 06473
To have your Colleen Hoover books signed, send them to the following address with cash, check, or money order for the return shipping (prices listed below). Colleen can return a max of two books per box, so if you're sending more than that, be sure to send the right fee for postage back. No need to send postage paid or anything else! 
PO BOX 1400
Shipping within the United States is $6 per box.
Shipping to Canada or Hawaii is $15 per box.
Shipping to all other countries is $25 per box.


  1. I think you can order Signed copies of Laini Taylor's books (Daughter of Smoke & Bone) from the Children's Palace at:

    You have to fill out an order request form and then they get back to you. I just contacted them about pre-ordering the 3rd book in her series, Dreams of Gods & Monsters :)

  2. I want so bad casie's autograph but i live in spain so i can't :(((

  3. I can't believe I haven't visited this site sooner!

  4. loooooove yall's website so so so MUCH!!!!

  5. This is awesome! I've been trying to think of a birthday present for my sister, and now I'll definitely be getting her a signed copy of something by Cassandra Clare! Too cool.


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