RT Convention Edition: Review: Alienated

Alienated by Melissa Landers

Review by Ursula 
4 out of 5 stars 

I keep saying that aliens are not my cup of tea yet I seem to add more and more to my “read” list. First thing I must say is that this book had me laughing so hard! Cara is smart, witty and sarcastic, it really adds to the story. I loved her!
Cara is valedictorian of her high school and because of this she was chosen among hundreds to be one of the three hosts for The L’eihr Exchange Program.
L’eihrs are aliens who made contact with earth 2 years ago. Both L’eihrs and humans are looking to form an alliance but they want to test out first how well they can get along. L’eihrs have sent 3 students to earth for the school year and the hosts will be heading to L’eihr (the planet) the year after that.
 If we’ve learned something throughout history is that humans are not exactly all accepting of what’s foreign an unknown and L’eihrs are not much different in that aspect even though they are much more evolved than humans.

Things are not as simple as they sound though, resistance on both camps will make things very difficult and dangerous at best. 

Cara is a blogger and this opportunity could shoot her and her blog to the stratosphere since everyone is more than eager to get the insider info on what L’eihrs are really like. 

Cara is assigned Aelyx, a super hot L’eihr with eyes as cold as ice, and though at first she is not sure about the whole deal she is excited to get to know him better, what she doesn’t know though is that Aelyx wants this exchange experiment to fail and throw humans into a total state of paranoia, enough for them to not want to associate with L’eihrs in any way.

There are 3 types of humans, the ones who don’t mind them (Cara and her family would fit here), the ones who love them and wanna be them, and the ones who absolutely loath them (Cara’s boyfriend would fit here).
Aelyx, Sirine and Eron are the three L’eihr assigned to the program and they have a plan to sabotage everything but sooner rather than later Eron and Aelyx realize that not all humans are who they thought they were and start regretting having put their plan in motion.

Things turn from bad to worse for Cara because now it’s not just a few people angry at her but what seems to be everybody, to the point where she starts receiving threatening letters and those around her start fearing for her life.
The only one she can trust besides her parents is this alien boy she has fallen in love with, but can she really trust him?
Aleyx fears that if he tells Cara the truth and explains the far reaching and deadly consequences of his actions she will want nothing to do with him.  

Unfortunately for him all lies are discovered sooner or later and the L’eihrs’ presence on earth will become a race for survival and Cara will be faced with having to choose between her family and all she’s ever known, and Aelyx and a planet she’d never been to. For Aelyx though there will be no escaping facing what he has done; I don’t want to go into much detail about the ending but all I will say is HOLY CLIFFHANGER!!!

I read this book in record time; I just couldn’t put it down. I laughed, cried, cursed and bit my nails in anxiety.
Now the torturous wait for the sequel begins!

Make sure you guys say hi to staffers Ursula and Christina if you're joining the party at RT Booklover's Convention in NOLA this week!

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