Character Spotlight: Adam Kent

Character Spotlight: Adam Kent - The Shatter Me Series, by Tahereh Mafi

So, being that I'm 100% team Warner.. (wait, am I? yeah. I am.) This post is {insert the words "not very" here} difficult for me to complete. These images remind me how amazing Adam really is. These men can put a girl in a tough situation can't they? 
Adam is the good guy (the really, super, amazingly nice, stunningly attractive good guy). He starts out on your good side immediately. I mean, he's protective, he's curious, he's got some seriously nice ink, and an even nicer set of washboard abs... did I mention he also wears a uniform? YOWZA!
He says awesome things like: 
and let's not leave out this bit about his eyes:
I mean, he's the guy that every girl will want to hug, want to kiss, want to snuggle, want to keep forever and ever. He's just, too good, at least.. he's too good for me. I forgot to mention that he takes complete care of his little brother after his parents are lost to the cause? yeah... like I said: good guy. 
If you've not read the series, I suggest you hop to it, before some other girl steals Adam from you. Like my daddy always says: "you better get while the gettin's good, girl!" 
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