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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

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Before I get into my review of this book. Let me let Griffin Peterson and Colleen Hoover take it away with a little explanation of how this book works. 

So as someone who normally creates playlists for her favorite books, I obviously really loved this idea, and I gotta say Griffin and Colleen pulled it off seamlessly. There are so many things I have to say about this book, so if it comes out a little jumbled and seems out of order, I apologize ahead of time. Colleen has a tendency to make me a blubbering mess. Add Griffin's soulful voice to it and I'm just a lost cause.
Gotta be honest, I hope more authors start doing things like this - and if they don't, I hope Colleen keeps doing it. Such an incredible experience to read the situations in which these characters wrote these lyrics, and simultaneously be able to hear those lyrics come to life. Freaking. Amazing.
So, Maybe Someday follows Sydney who's throwing caution to the wind and pursuing music, despite her parent's flat out refusal of her life. She kicked their pre-law college track to the curb in search of being happy with a career in music education. She's got it made though. She lives with her best friend, and she's dating on what the outside seems to be a stellar freaking dude. 
Until he's not. 

Sydney spends a lot of time on her balcony, and it's not because she enjoys the weather. Across her beautiful little courtyard, sits Ridge. He's a musician and he's amazing. They've never met. In fact, they've never even spoke to each other. But she listens to Ridge play everyday like clockwork. As a musician herself, she finds herself writing lyrics to the songs he plays without words. She doesn't consciously write them all down, but she sings them. 
Ridge Notices. Everything. Mostly because he has to. You'll find that like most of Colleen Hoover's dynamic characters, Ridge is diverse. I'll just go ahead and spoil this for you because I think it's freaking amazing and I commend her for even imagining a character like him. Ridge is deaf. I can't think back to a book I've read that portrays a deaf character - and the struggles they face - much less a love interest that's as sexy as Ridge. 

Circumstance being what it is, these two come together in the most unnatural of ways. This book will have you singing, laughing, and crying all in the span of about an hour. Knowing about this book as long as I did before I was able to read it - and knowing Griffin Peterson was such a dynamic part of the story - it was really hard for me to picture Ridge as anyone other than Griffin. I gotta admit I'm probably gonna fangirl a {little bit} whole lot when I see him play in Nashville. I'm kinda swooning just thinking about it, and listening to the title track of the book - Maybe Someday. Check out this beautiful fan made book trailer featuring the song.  

Don't forget! You can come meet 3/4 of the grownupfangirl/ohthebookfeels staff plus (and let's be honest, this is the part that matters) ALL of these amazing authors, including Colleen Hoover, herself + Griffin Peterson in Nashville this June! 
Yaaaaaa. Griffin is playing a gig at the signing. Holy Crap. 

You can also check out THIS POST for even more fanfare about this Nashville event! 


  1. Love this review! I must read it now :D

    1. It took me 4 attempts to prove I'm not a robot! I think I might be a robot now lol.


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