Review: Losing Hope + Finding Cinderella

Losing Hope + Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover

Below, you'll find reviews from Amber (in Purple) and Christina (in pink) --- we hope you'll enjoy reading two perspectives on the rest of this awesome series by Colleen Hoover! 
Losing Hope is the companion novel to the book Hopeless by Colleen Hoover. You can find the review of Hopeless by clicking here. It's the same story, just told from Holder's POV, so I took a break between the two so I wouldn't get an information overload from the material. There's something about Dean Holder that's just so honest and real, and you get that from him in the first book - so reading the story from his POV was really powerful for me. Maybe it's that we really don't read a lot of full books from the book boyfriend's POV, but this one was just completely all consuming for me. 

YES! A thousand times, yes! All of the questions that I had in "Hopeless" have been answered in "Losing Hope". And even though we see more of Dean Holder's vulnerability, his weaknesses and insecurities, I am simply in LOVE with him. Even more so now than in the previous book.

Hoover just portrays him so honestly. I can't even begin to put it all into words. I am so glad that she decided to give us his perspective because there was still so much to cover, especially when it came to Lesslie and his dealings with her.
One of my favorite parts in this book was reading his perspective of the scene between he and Sky, where he asked her to comfort him (after their confrontation with Sky's father). That he NEEDED her to show him how much she loved him. I cried at that request -- it was so honest and so vulnerable. And I think THAT'S what made me finally fall completely in love. I really wanted to be the one to comfort him.

I won't repeat the same things about the story that I said in the review for Hopeless, because you guys don't wanna read the same thing twice, so I'll keep this pretty short and sweet and just say that if you've read Hopeless and you loved it, you MUST read Losing Hope, too. You'll love Dean Holder even more than you thought was possible and you'll want to just completely consume everything that he says. Definitely an amazing take on the story, and Colleen Hoover doesn't disappoint. 1000000 out of 5 stars. Read it, Read it, Read it!!!

The final couple of chapters were perfection as well. The letters throughout the book all come down to these final few chapters and it was so worth it. So many answered questions, so many feels. I am so happy that I read this story. And I can definitely say that this is one of the most well-rounded, fully completed story arcs that I've ever come across. Hoover leaves no stone unturned.

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I read Finding Cinderella several weeks ago, but wanted to wait to include the review with Losing Hope. Finding Cinderella is a 100% free ebook (and now it's in print too!) that Colleen wrote because she just really loved these characters. It's about Daniel and Six, who you meet in Hopeless and Losing Hope. It's a mini book, a quick read - but it packs the punch of a huge novel. I really freaking adore Daniel's character - he's so funny and carefree, the kind of guy every girl wants to hang out with. The love story is so unique (let's face it, even a little weird) and I love it. I've never read any plot even remotely similar to it, so if romance isn't normally your thing - I think you'll really enjoy this read. You don't have to read Hopeless or Losing Hope to read this book, but it definitely adds to the experience. 

Adorable story between Six and Daniel. They're so cute together and Daniel is a regular Casanova. I enjoyed the instant chemistry between Six and Daniel, and while they are totally into each other, there were still a bunch of obstacles that needed to overcomes (personal and not so personal).

Colleen Hoover is the ultimate FEELS bringer.

I. Freaking. Adore. Colleen. Hoover. 
Awesome, fun, incredibly exciting side note? Colleen Hoover AND the cover model for Losing Hope - Griffin Peterson -  will be in Nashville at the author event that Carmen, Christina, and I are attending. 


You can find out more info on that event by clicking here

Click here to visit Colleen's amazon page where you can get all of this awesome series! Remember, Finding Cinderella is ALWAYS free in ebook form. 

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  1. FIST BUMP! this review was awesome makes me me even more excited to re-read it again and again lol Live yall I wish it wouldnt end!


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