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At GFG We offer the following Author Services:

If you need blog tours, social media work, etc, I highly suggest choosing 

If you're interested in MY social media services, you'll need to go through the InkslingerPR channels, but you can contact me at: for more info! 

Please see below for examples of our character teasers and for testimonials from authors! 


Character Teaser Edit for Stir Me Up by Angie Stanton

Sebastian Verlac Edit  (Cassandra Clare's TMI series)
Character Teaser Edit for The Secret Star by K.C. Finn

Character Teaser Edit for Then, Now, Forever by Teodora Kostova
Character Teaser for The Outside by Laura Bickle

Author Testimonials:

     "I absolutely love the insightful, intelligent review, and the stunning teaser art that was created for my novel, Stir Me Up. Thanks so much, Grownup Fangirl!  You're the best!"
       - Sabrina Elkins, author of Stir Me Up

     "GrownUp Fangirl is exactly as the name implies: wonderfully passionate fans of books, readers and authors, coupled with integrity and professionalism. Working with Amber has been a true pleasure, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to my author friends.  It's a rare thing to find a pefect blend of enthusiasm and honesty. Grown Up Fangirl is the real deal!"
       -Dawn Jayne, author of Uprising 

     "The grownupfangirl staff give their all for the authors they work with. Their reviews are always entertaining, but also to the point and informative. I absolutely love the art they've created for my book! My readers loved it too and it helped create a buzz for the book even before it was released. Their comments and feedback when they beta read my novel were priceless and really helped make my book better. I really appreciate their help and will definitely work with them in the future,as well as recommend them to all my author friends." 
     -Teodora Kostova, author of Then, Now, Forever

Grown up Fangirl goes beyond the expectations of a normal book promotion company.They cheer on authors and build up readers' enthusiasm for the books that they endorse. They truly are Grown up Fangirls! 
      -Nely Cab, author of Creatura 


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  2. I absolutely love the insightful, intelligent review, and the stunning teaser art that was created for my novel, Stir Me Up. Thanks so much, Grownup Fangirl! You're the best!


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