Character Spotlight: Kellan Kyle (Thoughtless Trilogy)

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tumblr_ml27rke2Zz1s9pwbko1_400If there's one man that will have you at "Mornin'...", it'd be Kellan Kyle himself.
Kellan Kyle is BY FAR one of my FAVORITE characters I've ever had the chance to come across. He's loaded with self confidence, he's passionate, expressive, laid back, gifted... I could go on.

Not to mention, he is just down right SEXY.
S. C. Stephens couldn't have created a better character if she tried. I'm STILL trying to process the fact that Kellan Kyle, is indeed.... a fictional man.
Is it sad that I'm trying to find a real life Kellan? If you're answer is yes, then you obviously haven't read the Thoughtless trilogy.
tumblr_ml2uau6sPF1qdoizto1_500And if playing the guitar and having the ability to sing doesn't just do it for you, Kellan could melt your soul with the words that come out of his mouth.

“We had what we had, we did what we did.. And it was amazing something I’ll never forget. It will hurt me, it will hurt you too. But everything ends, so save your tears. This won’t break you. With him by your side, you’ll be just fine. But I promise you.. My love for you will never die”

Please... do yourself a favor, and READ THOUGHTLESS!!!

You'll want to get in touch with this fellow D-Bag.
(Just read it. You'll know what I mean. :)
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