Character Spotlight: Dean Holder

Character Spotlight: Dean Holder, Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

I recently reviewed Hopeless by Colleen Hoover, and many of you have emailed me, all but begging me to do a character spotlight on Dean Holder... and you guys know I'm helpless to your charm, so .... here you go! 

My version of Dean Holder is very much like Steven R. McQueen (he's on fire ... hot hot hot).
Seriously though... I feel like Steven's expressions go hand in hand with Holder. Holder is very passionate... get your mind out of the bedroom you dirty birds. He's passionate in other places, too (like the car, the kitchen, the hotel roo-... sorry..not sorry). Holder is one of the most sensitive guys that has come off of a page for me. He feels everything. He thinks everything through.. and the things he says will have you needing a cold shower in less than two seconds. 
See what I mean? Passion. Love. Sensitivity. Sexiness. Sweetness.. want me to keep going? There aren't enough adjectives in the world to describe the perfection that is Dean Holder. 
Can't get enough of Holder after reading Hopeless? Don't worry. You can read the companion novel (written from Holder's POV.. squeeeeee) called Losing Hope! I am not responsible for the misfiring of your ovaries, though. 
You can buy these books anywhere books are sold, and if you really fall in love, Colleen Hoover will sign books via snail mail! You can find that info on her website or by checking out our Author Autographs tab! Hope you guys are staying warm in this wintery's something to help keep you warmed up.
Review of Hopeless is located HERE.


  1. Absolutely LIVE LIVE LIVE!!!!!! This review PER-FECT! I was thinking the exact same thing! or if Henry Cavill was younger. I want Kurt from glee to play Breckin since they are both feisty or Blaine from glee too. I see Styles from Teen Wolf being Daniel. they both so funny and blunt and care about their friends and I love it :)

  2. YAY! You finally did a character spotlight for him! XD

  3. i'm obsessed with this book and this review lol i read it over and over im still working on my jar :)

  4. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I can't even... *breathes* *speechless* *dies*

    Okay, on a more serious note.. When I read Hopeless almost a year ago, I didn't have any particular face for him. I just know he is very good looking, extremely nice, incredibly PASSIONATE etc.. But now that you have thrown those Steven R. McQueen picture, I was like YES! YES! YES! He is porbably the perfect Holder. Gooosh!! Why didn't I think of him before.. It would have made my reading experience a whole lot better. Lol!!


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