Review: Thoughtless Trilogy by S.C. Stephens

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If you're a sucker for romance and an AMAZING storyline, these books are for you. 

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Type of book: Romance/New Adult

Two words to describe this trilogy (especially the first book): Emotional Roller-coaster!

Synopsis (Thoughtless)
For almost two years now, Kiera’s boyfriend, Denny, has been everything she’s ever wanted: loving, tender, and endlessly devoted to her. When they head off to a new city to start their lives together—Denny at his dream job and Kiera at a top-notch university—everything seems perfect. Then an unforeseen obligation forces the happy couple apart. Feeling lonely, confused, and in need of comfort, Kiera turns to an unexpected source—a local rock star named Kellan Kyle. At first, he’s purely a friend she can lean on, but as her loneliness grows, so does their relationship. And then one night everything changes . . . and none of them will ever be the same.
(I'm only posting the description of the first book so there are no spoilers for those who want to read this trilogy... WHICH YOU SHOULD.)

I'm not sure where to begin with this trilogy! These are possibly my favorite books. Ever. Words simply cannot express my love for this trilogy! 

Unlike some other predictable Romance/New Adult books, these books will keep you on your toes. There's tons of twists and turns you don't see coming! 

I'll just say that Thoughtless was not an easy read. I felt like an emotional train wreck getting through the first book. I was happy, sad, extremely pissed off, happy again... and at times I wanted to throw my book across the room (though I would never do that to my babies!). Effortless and Reckless were a lot easier to read. However, it will still rip your heart out at times. You can't help but to feel emotionally attached to each character. There's one chick you'll come across in Reckless... and let me tell you - you will want to beat her repeatedly with a baseball bat the entire time.  

As for the characters.....
Kiera is the narrator. Some people have mixed feelings about her, and I agree to an extent. I wanted to slap some sense into her during certain situations, but I did like her for the most part. She's very indecisive and could use a little bit more self confidence. 
Denny, Kiera's boyfriend, is an all around good guy with good intentions. He's definitely the boy next door... well, from Australia. He's simple... safe... and a bit boring. 
Kellan Kyle. A big helllllooooo to my book boyfriend! My goodness. Once you've had a taste of him... I will promise you, it won't be your last. Kellan Kyle isn't your typical male lead in a book. He will piss you off and at the same time, you couldn't help but to love him. His charming personality alone won me over (his impeccably good looks helped too).

If you haven't gotten my drift yet... I'll come out and say it. PLEASE read this trilogy. Go. Now. :) 

I'll leave you with a little taste of the walking sex on a stick, Kellan Kyle.

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