Review: Uninvited

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan 

Sophie Jordan's newest book, Uninvited, has been out for close to a week now. It is the much anticipated first book in the Uninvited Series... and let me just say, it lived up to it's hype. 
Davy Hamilton has had a perfect life. She's a musical prodigy.. but she's not withdrawn from society, she has a boyfriend.. a hot one, too. Her parents are still together, they have good jobs, a nice home. Her brother is a little bit of a party animal that doesn't want to grow up, but he loves her unconditionally. Davy makes good grades, she's been accepted to Julliard, and her boyfriend Zac will be at NYU. I mean, things don't get much better than that. 

The problem? Scientists have discovered a gene that makes people more likely to kill and commit gruesome crimes. (This really freaked me out because.. haven't they done studies about this? I mean.. it felt like it could really happen.) The government labels them, assigns them parole officers, basically turns them into people who can never succeed once their "carrier" status has been noted. Scary stuff, right? Davy isn't worried though, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and she was tested weeks ago. Never heard anything back, so her name must be cleared. 
Except, it's not. She's got the gene. You'll laugh with Davy at the beginning of the book, and you'll feel her pain, and her loss of herself, her loss of friends.. her loss of everything she thought she knew. She's uninvited (her school doesn't use the word "expel") from her private school, from Julliard, and from everything that was constant and guaranteed in her life. She gets moved to a public school where she meets Sean O'Rourke. He wears a carrier mark (a nice tattoo you get for being "bad") and let's just stop right here and appreciate his complete and utter hotness.
Sean is described as someone with dark blonde hair that needs to be cut, and a demeanor that would scare even the worst carriers away. So I immediately though of Jace from The Mortal Instruments, and that was the end of trying to put any other face to Sean O'Rourke. It's Jamie Bower as Jace, 100%. Sean doesn't care about anyone.. or that's what he likes people to believe. He knows the only way to survive as a carrier is to take care of yourself and forget everyone else. 

Now, I've read a couple of reviews that are ranting about how Davy "needs" Sean to take care of her, that she's not strong enough on her own. I don't agree with that. (That's the joy of a book though right?) I think Davy pushes Sean away to prove herself, even when she doesn't want to. I think she's weak and lost at first, but with his help, she learns about her new world, and how to best take care of herself in it, and I think she does a damn good job. No one grows alone, everyone has help.. and I think Sophie Jordan does an amazing job at showing this. Not to mention, the world is seriously so awesome and feels so real. You'll have no problem putting yourself into Davy's shoes and transporting to the future when testing for the HST gene is completely normal, like checking your blood pressure. Thank you for the amazing ride Sophie, I can't wait for the next installment in this series! Check out the book trailer below!

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