HESSA Playlist: A feature on the AFTER series by Anna Todd

If you're a long time reader, you'll know already that we really love Anna Todd and the AFTER series. This month we are doing a ton of features on the series, leading up to the release of AFTER EVER HAPPY, the final book in the series. 

Today's post is a playlist. We were torn on whether to just do a playlist for the last book or for the whole series, and in the end we just decided to make a Hessa Playlist. 

Make sure you check back over the coming weeks for a review of AFTER EVER HAPPY, a Q&A with Anna Todd herself, and even a little fun with reaction gifs.... maybe even a giveaway. 

So no spoilers here in case you haven't read the books, but if the playlist piques your interest, then you can click the links below to order the books - listed in the order to be read. 

**Note** To avoid spoilers, this playlist is NOT in order of the events that they reminded us of in the books.  Enjoy!


To see Ursula's reviews on the first three books in the series, you can follow the links below: 

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  1. Hello )
    I have a question, i’ve read only the first book so far , Waiting for the others to arrive from Amazon ))
    But i wanted to ask if the playlist is actually mentioned at the end of one of these Books ?
    I just so some pictures on Pinterest & there were pictures from the book ...just wondering ))
    Can someone please Tell me ?


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