Release Day + Book Review: PLAYING FOR FOREVER by J. C. Grant

Model: Mike Chabot
Release Date: February 22, 2018


When our two damaged souls came together, something explosive happened.
Something uncontrollable. Something undeniable. Our love was intense, irrational, possessive and consuming. We didn't live or love by socities rules. We made our own, living in our own world. Slaves to our needs. We were so wrapped up in each other, so blinded by lust, love and obsession, we couldn't see the struggles ahead. Can we fight to stay together ... or will we tear each other apart?




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"It was filthy. Obscene. And I loved it. I loved everything about my obsessive, possessive man." 

David Taylor is BACK y'all! And I couldn't be more excited. You wouldn't think that a stalker would be sexy but let me tell you...he IS. I'm talking top notch sexy. Grant knows what she's doing when it comes to alpha male lead characters. Because let me tell you...there are drool strains on the pages where I was foaming at the mouth. 

"I wanted her to want to be with me. I wanted her to want me, like I want her. Obsessively. Desperately. Irrationally." 

David and Austin are more in love than ever. Their sex life is hotter and kinkier than ever. They finally have everything that they want. Or so they thought. The more famous Austin becomes, the tougher their life gets. And the more David has to leave for baseball the more desperate she becomes for him. It's a constant battle with these two. The need and the want for each other outweighs everything in their life. But is it worth losing everything over? 

"I kissed her slow and deep, letting her feel how much I wanted her, needed her, and most importantly, that I owned her." 

These two have so much to learn about each other. But one thing that is for certain is how much they love and need each other. It's an obsession that they won't quit. They NEED each other. And I love how much they need each other. How they can't be without each other. It's one of my favorite things about this story. Is how they are better together than apart. Fighting together, loving together. 

"I'd waited my whole life for her. Someone who needed me. Someone who understood me. Someone I could take care of. Someone who'd be mine. Absolutely, completely mine." 

Though this may be David's and Austin's last story Grant does not disappoint. And this book was definitely worth the wait. You will be left in a pool on the floor of feels and begging for a David of your own. 

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Playing for Keeps (Book 1) - available on KU

Playing for Love (Book 2)

About the Author

J.C. Grant was born in Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.
She writes super sexy Romance Erotica about Alpha males and the women they love.

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