Football Fridays: ALL BROKE DOWN Meet Silas Moore + Giveaway

All Broke Down's Football Fridays: Meet Silas Moore

If you missed last week's football friday, you'll wanna check that out, because we met the oh so fantastic, love her guts so much, Dylan

This week though.... We're meeting Silas Moore... and ladies, let me just tell you ... no wait. LADIES AND DUDES... let me just tell you: Silas Moore Will RUIN you. He's ruined me for any future book boyfriend because.... man, he is perfection. 

He's snarky. He's funny. He's an athlete with a banging body. He's got that whole "bad boy" vibe thing going on that he rocks oh-so-well. He's full of crap most of the time... but when he's not.... 

I'm actually full of it because he's so good even when he's spouting crap out of his mouth that he can't honestly believe about himself. (or does he?) 

Silas is a natural teacher. He's a natural teddy bear. He's a natural badass. He's just.. a natural. You know what I'm sayin? If you don't (and honestly, even if you do...) you can find out HERE (by pre ordering the book) - I promise he'll make the top of your book boyfriend list... and he'll ruin you too. 

He makes me feel like: 

He says things like: 

i'm just saying... take all you want, son. 

 are you in love with Silas yet? 

no... okay... 

I don't wanna overload you with Silas... because honestly it can't be too good for the heart. (or the lady bits) 

okay one more. 


That'll make sense later... i promise.

So, I'm really, really excited that it's almost time for you guys to get your little hands on ALL BROKE DOWN!! 
I really love this series, Cora, and everything about Rusk go pre order it, yo. And if you haven't read ALL LINED UP, then do that too! (But side note: these can totally be read as stand alones) 

Side note, you're gonna wanna make sure you come join us at the ALL BROKE DOWN pep rally next week. There will be giveaways and special guest authors, and alllll sorts of fun stuff. You'll miss out on lots of fun if you don't! You can join HERE.

Make sure you check out what the other street teamers have to say about Dylan! We all have different ideas and views on the characters, the only thing that we discuss pre-post is who we're gonna talk about! 
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