Football Fridays: ALL BROKE DOWN: Meet Dylan + Giveaway

All Broke Down's Football Fridays: Meet Dylan Brenner

Yooooo guys!! so we're back with some FOOTBALL FRIDAY fun!! I am so excited that it's back. I can barely even contain how much I wanna jump around and dance *football fridays are back ..yeeeee* uhhh. sorry. 

If you have no idea what FOOTBALL FRIDAY is, don't worry. I'll explain it for you. It's almost time for the second book in Cora Carmack's RUSK UNIVERSITY series - ALL BROKE DOWN. The series centers around a football team and college life and lots of fun awkward things, so to celebrate the coming of ALL BROKEN DOWN (dun dun dun) we will be bringing you Football Fridays, every Friday, leading up to the release of ALL BROKE DOWN, so that you can meet the characters you'll be falling in love with. 

So for the first week of Football Friday (sophomore season, woot woot), you're going to get to meet the gorgeous, super amazing, and oh-so-hilarious Dylan Brenner. 

Dylan Brenner is the epitome of good girl... or at least that's what she thinks. She's always on the up and up. She wants to do great in school, have a great career, get married, have 3.5 kids, be successful, stand up for homeless people...all those great things... except.... she lands herself in a bit of TROUBLE when she meets Silas Moore. (Don't worry, I'll introduce you to Silas, soon.) 

Dylan likes to fix things. She likes a lost cause. She likes to be the person that you run to when you're in trouble... that's all bad news for her when it comes to Silas. Will he ruin her...or will he make her whole - teaching her parts of herself she never knew she had. You can find out HERE (by pre ordering the book) 

I don't really know how to relate this next gif set to Dylan or really even to ALL BROKE DOWN but

I can't wait for you guys to enjoy this book. I hope you love it as much as I do. It's such a special project for me! GO CATS! Bleed Rusk Red! Rusk University Wildcats Fo'Eva (yes. this is real.) I really love this series, Cora, and everything about Rusk go pre order it, yo. And if you haven't read ALL LINED UP, then do that too! (But side note: these can totally be read as stand alones) 

Make sure you check out what the other street teamers have to say about Dylan! We all have different ideas and views on the characters, the only thing that we discuss pre-post is who we're gonna talk about! 
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