RT Convention Edition: Review: Enclave

Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Review by Ursula
4 of 5 stars
Dystopian at its best!
 Sure it has similarities to other dystopian series but I don’t find that surprising since - well its dystopian - and for it to be, something big would have to have happened and decimated the society in which they lived and forced them into their current reality.
 Some may disagree with the way I see this but to me Enclave is dystopian with a zombie apocalypse type of feel. 
It’s not yet clear what exactly happened top side (this is what they call the surface) whether it was a natural disaster, a war, biological attack, well we just don’t know. 

What we do know is that those that survived fled to the underground and created settlements inside the tunnels and their life expectancy is in their 20’s so by age 15 they are ready to assume whatever task/job they are to be assigned based on their abilities.
Deuce (whose name was previously just a number) becomes a huntress as soon as she turns 15, not everyone becomes a huntress/hunter, most of them become breeders (population needs to keep on growing since their life span is so short), others are neither breeders nor hunters, they are the ones who manufacture what they need, clothes, medicine, etc 
Becoming a huntress is no small job, they are the ones in charge of the safety of everyone in the settlement, here comes the zombie apocalypse part, there are these creatures that were once human but have morphed into this walking dead type of monsters with claws and razor sharp teeth and they are cannibals on top of everything, they call them Freaks. 

I found their society very interesting and complex, but as expected the ones in charge are of course corrupt, hiding truths and using fear to keep every one in check.
Deuce has been raised to respect authority and believe that they want what’s best for their settlement and she doesn’t question anything, she takes her role as a huntress very seriously since this is what she has worked for all along. Being banished to the surface has always meant certain death and Deuce never doubted or questioned this fact, until she meets Fade.

Fade is a hunter, the best hunter, though unlike Deuce and the rest of the settlement residents he wasn’t born underground, he was raised top side until one day he was found roaming the tunnels and was taken in by Deuce’s settlement. Even though he has been become a hunter and has been living with them he hasn’t warmed up to many and people are still wary of him and don’t necessarily trust him, he is still seen as an outsider.
Deuce is assigned as Fade’s partner and it is then that she starts noticing the cracks in the stories she had always believed and find out stuff about those in charge that really take her by surprise and disappoint her.
 Things will start going from bad to worse when they realize that there is a new kind of Freaks, ones stronger and more intelligent than the ones they were used to, and Fade and Deuce will bring the news to their superiors, but unfortunately they are met with resistance, this inevitably raises suspicions in Deuce’s mind and makes her question things even more. 
A series of events will end up leaving Fade and Deuce on top side to fend for themselves and while this part of the book is a bit slower paced than the fist part it’s still pretty awesome! Fade already has experience with the top side and knows that the dangers they face are nothing to underestimate, and soon Deuce will come face to face with them. 
In their efforts to survive they will make a couple unlikely allies that will aid them in their search for a better place to live, a place where they can escape the ruins of the top side and the Freak attacks. Fade’s dad told him once that before the city was destroyed some people (a very lucky few) were evacuated to a place where they would be safe, but Fade doesn’t know whether this is true or just some story his dad heard. 

Their really bad situation on the surface is enough to give them reason to start trekking north in search for this promised land of sorts, even when its existence is questionable.
In their journey they will face Freaks and gangs and injuries…
 The relationship between Fade and Deuce is hot, though there really isn’t one to begin with but the sexual tension between them is thick enough that you can label it a relationship, and with strong passionate feelings comes jealousy too when a new guy joins their group in the journey up north…

Though it was dystopian, though we are presented with a kick ass heroine and an equally kick ass hero, I find Enclave different from other dystopian series, I think it brings about a new kind of world, a new set of circumstances. 

It’s action packed and at times pretty hot. 

I can’t wait to start Outpost and see where this journey takes Fade and Deuce next.

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