All Lined Up Spirit Week Scavenger Hunt

If you're here today, you're probably one of two people. 

The first set knows exactly what they're here for and is ready to find the clue so they can move on and find clue number two. 

The second set is like "what clue?!" If you're the second set, here's a rundown: I've been super blessed to be a part of the street team for the first Rusk University novel: All Lined Up by Cora Carmack, and it releases TODAY! (Click here for release info + another giveaway)! The book revolves around football, college, and bad decisions...and some good decisions, too. If you're from the south, you know all about homecoming traditions and how all week is just one big party full of school spirit, so we figured we'd bring that to the interwebs and have Spirit Week for the release of the book. Which brings me full circle. 

Today is the second day of Spirit Week - dubbed Homecoming Day (since the book releases today)! We're having a scavenger hunt as part of the fun and you'll find clue one for today in this post! If you wanna join the event, you can do so by visiting the event facebook page. CLICK HERE TO GO WIN STUFF and hang out virtually with Cora Carmack and some of her author buddies: Lisa Desrochers, Tessa Bailey, Christina Lauren, and Christina Lee + most of the Wildcat Street team and LOTS of book lovers! It's fun times! go make some friends!  

All you have to do is collect all three clues and then enter the phrase you build in the rafflecopter that'll be located at the same location as your 3rd clue! 

Be sure to stop by the event page today and show your Rusk pride! You can really show your Rusk pride by ordering a copy of ALL LINED UP! I promise you'll love it lots! 
and most retailers where books are sold! 

Okay okay here's your clue: 

and you can get clue two by clicking right here to visit BooksOverBoys!

Don't forget! You can come meet 3/4 of the grownupfangirl/ohthebookfeels staff plus (and let's be honest, this is the part that matters) ALL of these amazing authors, including Cora Carmack, herself in Nashville this June! Details can be found here.

You can also check out THIS POST for even more fanfare about this Nashville event! 

This post has been brought to you by Rusk University's very first Spirit Week.

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