Review: Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths by K.A. Tucker

Ten Tiny Breaths was what we here at grownupfangirl and ohthebookfeels call a "binge book" - a book you can't put down and have to read in one sitting. This was my first read by K.A. Tucker, and I'll definitely be back for more. 

Kacey Cleary has been through quite the trauma in her life, losing most of her family to a drunk driving accident, though "accident" wouldn't be the term she uses to describe the devastation that happens. She learns to survive buy doing what we like to call "conceal, don't feel!" and for a while, it works. She conceals by partying, drinking, and engaging in pretty risky behavior - but all of these things help her not to feel her pain, and really - not to even grieve her loss. 

Due to a pretty disgusting circumstance created by her Uncle Raymond, Kacey is forced to get out of town with her baby sister Livie in town. Livie's not a baby, really, but as a big sister - I can tell you, your baby sister is always your baby. Kacey would give her life for Livie and on more than one occasion, I dare say that she does. 

They move into this tiny dive apartment. It's not much, but it's a room and a place to sleep, plus it's far away that Kacey and Livie can start over without having to worry about being found out as runaways. While Kacey is old enough that she wouldn't get carted back to her Aunt and Uncle, Livie isn't. Kacey will do anything she can to keep Livie safe, and right now - safe means not going back to her Uncle. 
Enter the most unexpected friend that Kacey could find and the most devastatingly gorgeous neighbor, who's also new to town. Between the two of them, Kacey learns to feel again. While her feelings are new and hard to navigate, Trent helps her learn how to forgive - in the most shocking way possible.  You'll love this romance - turned thriller - turned shocker - turned romance by K.A. Tucker! Pick up Ten Tiny Breaths today! 

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You can also check out THIS POST for even more fanfare about this Nashville event! 

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