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The One By Kiera Cass

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The One is the final book in The Selection series. (reviews for The Selection and The Elite.) In the final installment of the series we follow America as she tries to wade through her feelings for Maxon and for Aspen, while Maxon is trying to come to terms with the fact that maybe he doesn't know what love is, and maybe he should keep his options open. 

This book has a lot of ups and downs - as most endings do. We find Maxon really struggling with the negativity that his father creates, and we find America breaking to the King's will as well. We also find America continuing to be brave though, to stand up for the things she believes in. I really love how Kiera portrays such a strong young girl - without it being over the top. She still likes dresses (though she really didn't know this until The Selection), and though her jewelry is understated, she loves it still. These things don't make her weak though, like many people perceive "pretty" girls to be. America is nothing if not selfless - even in the face of fear. I love that about her.

Maxon is the epitome of gentleman, even without trying. It's just how he was raised. While in the first two books, we thought Maxon was busy second guessing himself a lot, we find out that's not completely true by the time we finish The One. Maxon is a lot more brave than he lets on. He's also incredibly dorky and sweet and I really am gonna miss his dorky self. 

Aspen, ever the spitting image of a military man, has grown and changed so much since the first book and by the end of The One, I was floored at his maturity and growth. We also find that Celeste isn't quite the evil temptress we once thought she was. 

We get to see Marlee, and a return of all of the girls from The Selection, at the choosing ceremony. It's really just a lot of fun.... until it's not... but then it is again..... then it's not......then, well you see where I'm going with this. Grab your Kleenex. 

There were quite a few gasps of shock, some tears for loved lost, and smiles for loved found. I hope you'll check out the final book in The Selection series ASAP! (You can find signed copies at Target and at Barnes and Noble! Only while they last though! So go!) 

Fan Reactions: 
 "The One was amazing. It broke my heart in the best way. I love it so much and will definitely read it over & over!" - @Emilydance5678 (twitter)

"The one was a tightly wound complex book that HAD A FREAKING HAPPY ENDING"@adivergenttribue (instagram)

"It was amazing! I loved how the story and the characters developed from book 1 to 3! I loved all the scenes, i loved how everything turn out and the ending was sooooo amazing! I love it i love it! And I wish I could forget about everything so I can reread it again and get the whole experience again! Couldn't put it down!! Amazing!" - @drawingandreading (instagram)

"The One was amazingly spectacular! It was such a great ending to a series that everyone feel in love with and will never forget." - @booksalloverthefeels (instagram)

"It was amazing! Kiera Cass did a great job of mixing action, romance, friendship, and grief all into one. A lovely bittersweet ending to characters who have been very well developed and a plot with twists all the way through. Loved it!" - @teenbookgirl (instagram)

THIS BOOK! omg the feels we're real!!! I didn't even expect to cry so much for The One! It was truly one of the best last book of a series I've ever read! I loved the plot twists, the tragedies, the happy ending an how everything finally fits perfectly. Kiera couldn't end a book so beautifully :) - @cityofshadowhunters (instagram)

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