Football Fridays. Week 5: Meet Ryan + Giveaway

All Lined Up's Football Fridays: Meet Ryan 

*This Post full of Alex Pettyfer gifs is dedicated to Cora. haha* 

Need to catch up on Football Friday? Have no idea why I'm talking about football on a blog? Time for you to check out the links below Beyonce. (Trust me, it's a lot easier to play catch up than football.) There's only a couple more Football Fridays left (which is sad and happy. Sad, because well.. I love these characters! Happy because the ending of Football Fridays signals the release of ALL LINED UP!) 

If you need it (or just.. want it), here's a recap: We will be doing Football Fridays every Friday leading up to the release of All Lined Up by Cora Carmack. 
Check these links to see who we've met so far!

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Week 5 is upon us and this week, I'm gonna introduce you to my favorite football trainer/team manager to the best team around (outside of LSU, obviously). 

Ryan Blake is a bit of a smart ass, but he's also got a super big heart and cares a lot about what he does. Some people look down on athletic "team managers" but Ryan makes the job look like something someone would crave. Plus, he's a really great friend to Carson, when Carson really doesn't know much about friendship. 

He's a bit of a flirt and somehow manages to keep Stella's attention. Don't even ask my how.. oh wait. Maybe it's because he's pretty brave behind the safety of his phone. 

He trains really hard too, even though he's not even "on" the team. 

Did I mention what an awesome friend he is to Carson? I'll mention it again. 

I think you guys are really gonna love Ryan. You're gonna wish you were at Rusk University, and more over, that you had some weights to lift with him as your spot.  

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