Football Friday. Week 4: Meet The Bad Boys + Giveaway

All Lined Up's Football Fridays: Meet Silas and Levi (dubbed "the bad boys" over in street team central). 

If you're sitting here like "what's a football Friday?" then we have some catching up to play! There's only a couple more Football Fridays left (which is sad and happy. Sad, because well.. I love these characters! Happy because the ending of Football Fridays signals the release of ALL LINED UP!) 

If you need it (or just.. want it), here's a recap: We will be doing Football Fridays every Friday leading up to the release of All Lined Up by Cora Carmack. 
Check these links to see who we've met so far!
  Week 2: Dallas Cole (Awkard Avenue). 
  Week 3: Stella Santos (My spirit animal) 

For week 4, I'm gonna introduce you to my favorite football bad boys. 

Silas Moore can come off as a little bit of a womanizer at first, but stick with him - I have it on good authority that he redeems himself quite well. 

Levi Abrams is that old high school boyfriend that you love to hate....and hate to love. Most of us are lucky enough to get away from them when we go to college, but Dallas isn't so lucky. (Of course she isn't!!) Add to all that fun: He's the star quarterback on the football team her dad now coaches. (Yippee.) 

Both boys have that "ugh I am so mad at you but that smirk makes me weak in the knees" thing going on. Very Ian Somerhalder of them.

These guys tend to let their mouths run a little crazy, and it definitely gets them in trouble. At their core though, they're guys who care immensely about their football team, and ultimately - every player on that team. It's pretty heartwarming stuff when guys get all loyal and stuff. 

I can't wait for you guys to see Dallas and Stella show these boys who's really in charge, as they stumble their way through their freshman year at Rusk University. 

Make sure you check out what the other street teamers have to say about these bad boys! We all have different ideas and views on the characters, and it's so fun to see how everyone's spotlight turns out! 

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