Review: Never Fade

Review: Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken

4 out of 5 stars
(contains spoilers for Book #1 The Darkest Minds)

Never Fade is simply RIVETING!
I didn’t think this series could get any more intricate than it already was! The Darkest Minds left us off wondering what would happen to Ruby now that she, in a way, voluntarily walked right into the hands of The Children’s League & it left us (at least it left me) with a broken heart when she erased herself from Liam’s mind so that he would leave without her; staying with the league had been the deal in exchange for transporting Chubs when he got shot. Chub’s outcome had also been left unknown though it did look pretty grim.

In Never Fade we find Ruby trying to adapt herself to the league and her new role within the ranks, given her Orange abilities she’s turn out to be a valuable asset to Alban for interrogating non-cooperative prisoners and getting intel.
Ruby still doesn’t trust The League & their agenda, including Cate & specially Rob.
Early in the story we meet Cole Stewart, Liam’s older brother and prodigy in the League, Ruby will later have to trust her gut & decide if Cole is someone she can trust or if like Rob, is one of the agents that would much rather see all the Psi kids eliminated rather than rescued.

There are new key players, ones that like Liam, Chubs & Zu were weary of her at first, well with the exception of one. Jude was genuinely open to becoming Ruby’s friend from the beginning.
The circumstances in which they will find themselves will bring them together as friends. Ruby, Jude & Vida will face more than one situation that will really test the level of trust they have for each other.
Besides the new guys, Ruby will run into some old ones, some really surprising and unexpected ones.

A secret rebellion group within The League trying to help the Psi kids left in camps will send Ruby in a risky OP and in search of Liam, who she hasn’t seen since the day she saw him walk out of the safe house, and who unknowingly is in possession of very important intel, key to outing President Gray.

Together (most willingly and some not) they will head back to California , each with a different goal in mind.
Ruby will find sooner than later that a lot of what she thought as fact wasn’t indeed and they will have to plan a way to fight against the Government to expose the truth.

Attacks by the Government have started and from the very first explosion Ruby will go through the excruciating pain of losing someone she loves…forever.
It’s a book packed with discoveries.
Potential Ruby thought didn’t posses will surprise her, but it will also cause internal turmoil that will make her wish she was dead.
Things Ruby thought couldn’t be recovered are after all not completely lost.
After the grief & desolation in the face of complete destruction & loss Ruby will find a new sense of hope.

A story packed with staying-glued-to-the-edge-of-your-seat action, true friendships, love that defies it all, painful loss, bravery needed to survive & most of all hope that life can go back to normal.

Alexandra delivered beautifully with this amazing sequel to an already amazing book; I can’t wait for Book #3!
-Review by Ursula  

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