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Prelude by Nely Cab + Sign up for the Virtual Blog Tour! 

Cover Reveal: January 27, 2014. Sign up HERE
Prelude is the second release in the Creatura series by Nely Cab. It's a novella that gives the reader a more in depth of how it all began... of David's lineage... of everyone's lineage, really. Prelude quite literally tells the story of how forever begins. If you've read Creatura, you know why this is so important to the story. If you haven't read Creatura, then you should probably get started on that now before you fall even more behind on one of the best YA Paranormal romance series out there. You can read the review of Creatura by clicking here, and you can order the book from it's new publisher, Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing, on it's re-release date of January 14, 2014 (hey! that's this week!). 
Prelude (formerly Deus) has some of the best inner monologue I've ever read... and even though it's just a novella, it packs a lot of punch... and a lot of feels! 

To celebrate the re-release of Creatura, and the brand new spanking cover (and name, did I mention Prelude was originally named Deus? A lot of people are going "HEY! I already read that!" and to that, I say YAY! off topic)... to celebrate, we will be hosting a cover reveal for the release of Prelude with CHBB Publishing, and we'll also be doing a virtual blog tour for the re-release! Even more fun news? Every blogger who completes the cover reveal will be entered to win a $15 gift card to Every blogger who participates in the virtual blog tour, will be given a rafflecopter to share a giveaway with your readers (yes, you can enter too.)!
Here's the details: 

Cover Reveal: 

Sign up for the Cover Reveal by clicking here. Your post must go live on January 27, 2014... not a day sooner. It's really important that you only sign up if you can post ON January 27. Don't have a blog? That's okay. You can sign up for the cover reveal if you're able to post on any of the following: 
Facebook page 
-- However, if you choose any option other than a blog, you will need to send me a link showing where you posted the cover reveal info to be entered to win the gift card! --

Do this, and you're entered for money to amazon, yay! 

Virtual Blog Tour:
Sign up for the virtual blog tour! You can do that by clicking here (or you can use the form at the bottom of this post). The virtual blog tour will run from February 3 - 10, 2014, and your posts must fall somewhere within that blog tour window! You can choose to do any or all of the post options, which include a review, a spotlight, or even an author Q&A with the mastermind herself. If you participate in this blog tour, we will be providing you with a giveaway for your readers (yes you can enter it, too).
--Unfortunately, the only way to participate in this tour is with either a dedicated facebook page (not your personal page), tumblr, or other type of blog, sorry! We will provide you with all of the information you need to post (minus a review, that's gotta come from you!) and we will get you an ARC copy of the re-release of Prelude should you choose to review the book! 
We hope you'll join us in celebrating the series long book deal with CHBB publishing by participating in our fun cover reveal and blog tours! 

If you're new to Nely Cab, you can check her out at the following links. If you love to support, then please.. support Nely Cab - Amber is her PA... so by supporting the author, you're also showing your love for your very own grownupfangirl! Not sure if you wanna commit? Read the first Chapter of Creature HERE!

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