Character Spotlight: Kenji Kishimoto

Character Spotlight: Kenji Kishimoto - The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Having a hard time choosing between Adam and Warner? Fear not! Kenji to the rescue!! Kenji Kishimoto is quite possibly the funniest, cockiest, and sweetest guy to ever grace a book. Seriously. He's so full of himself that it makes you giggle whether you're a fan of the cocky or not. 
I know Godfrey Gao is like the go-to asian hottie but I'm gonna branch out and say Kenji is more like a Dennis Oh kinda guy (but Godfrey will work for me anyaaayyyy day of the week, and I'll be honest and say the name "Dennis Oh" is just awesome to have.) 

Kenji is known for his enthusiasm, mostly about himself - and it's a great comedic relief during the confusion that is Adam and Warner. 
So if you're suffering from a few problems thanks to the hottest men on the planet, don't worry - Kenji is there to help. 
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