Review: Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi

Fracture Me by Tahereh Mafi 

Let me start by saying, if you're behind on reading this series - get caught up.... like right now. Tahereh Mafi is the next "big thing" if you ask me. She's going to leave everyone in the dust with her amazing skills. Seriously, her books take you to another world with the first word and they don't stop until you forcibly make yourself get out of your own head. Her imagery is amazing and she can switch POVs like a freakin champ. Alright, if you've actually read Shatter Me, Destroy Me (novella), and Unravel Me, then read on... 
Fracture Me is the second novella in the Shatter Me series, and it takes yet another POV turn by letting us into Adam's head. We've been in Juliette's head, and we've been in Warner's head (man that's a scary place but it's so hot and I want to stay there forever and ever and.. sorry) so it's only fair that we take a journey into Adam's thoughts. Here's how my thought process worked through this series. 

Destroy Me: "okay, so maybe I was wrong about Warner. I feel really bad for him and kinda get where he's coming from. I'm so confused. TEAM KENJI!" 

Unravel Me: "OMG WARNER IS THE HOTTEST MAN TO WALK THIS PLANET AND I WILL DIE TEN TIMES FOR HIM. (ps. sorry adam. you're a cool guy but Warner is where it's at) 
This brings us to Fracture Me, in which I am like: 

But let's not get it twisted. My heart breaks for Adam, and even for Kenji (he's so awesome and I want to be his best friend forever *and ever*) but I'm still rooting for Warner.... I think. yeah, I am. I totally am. So there's a lot of feelings in these books. A lot of hot men. A lot of awesome quotations that need to be on my body, like: 

So if you're looking for a series that has a rollercoaster of emotions, men who make you swoon so hard it hurts, and books that leave you wanting more with every sentence's end, then look no further. Check out Tahereh Mafi. You won't be disappointed. 
Buy these books anywhere books are sold, and make sure you check out the printed version of the two novellas! (UNITE ME) and the final book in the trilogy, Ignite Me is due out this February! 

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