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Title: Brothel: The Magnolia Diaries 
Authors: Ace Gray, BB Easton, Dee Ellis, Stella James, Amelia Oliver, Christine Besze, M. Andrews, T.R.Cupak 
Release Date: March 1st, 2017 
Genre: Erotic Romance 

How many secrets can one house hold? In the case of The Magnolia, the secrets are what keep it alive. Only the wealthy are granted access to see what happens beyond the iron gates. Wildest dreams come true, fantasies and satisfaction are guaranteed. No price is too high for the ultimate taste of desire. 

Eight authors take you behind the walls… the only question is, can you keep a secret?

The Lucky Charm by M. Andrews 

Such a sexy, fun, erotic read. These books are totally not for the faint of heart and definitely full of dirtiness! M. Andrews doesn't ever disappoint when it comes to the dirty and she definitely didn't with her short...The Lucky Charm. 

"My body surrenders to him completely, letting him take all control away from me." 

Amelia works at Magnolia. She is a star at what she does. Every man wants her but no man can keep her. Amelia has men falling at their knees at a chance to taste what she offers...powerful men. Men that you would think would never fall to their knees but they always do. 

"What's an angel like her doing in the devils playground." 

But when Amelia gets a client that she can't get out of her head...will she change her game. Deacon isn't fighting as well as he should be, his friends think all he needs is to get laid. When he finally gives in and goes to Magnolia, he isn't prepared for the woman that is about to change everything. 

"So what makes a girl from Hartford Connecticut go from working as an investment banker to working in a brothel." 

The D by T.R.Cupak 

Derek Masters is looking for a new job. Something that pays well and something that he loves. When he gets an exciting interview with a powerful man...he isn't prepared for the job he is going to offer him. And it has nothing to do with business. It's more of drop your pants and let me see what you're working with kind of interview. 

Derek soon finds himself getting offered a job at Magnolia. The only man. Since they are looking at adding men into their Brothel, they think he is the perfect man for the job. Giving him a test run with one of the ladies, they soon see he is perfect. Welcome Dirk Durden to Magnolia ladies. 

Hannah and her husband Jack want back their marriage. That spark in their life. So they decide to start going to the brothel. Where they divulge into their deepest fantasies. But her husband seems to be enjoying himself more than she is. That is until she see's Dirk and she really wants to play with him. 

Hannah, Jack, and Dirk quickly come to an agreement that they all get something out of. Something fun and oh so dirty. Bringing back the spark that they were missing in their marriage. 

The Boss by Stella James 

Jane finds herself in a lot of trouble recently due to her stupid ex boyfriend. Cheating on her and leaving her in debt because he had been using her credit cards without her knowing. So now single and in debt...Jane knows she is in trouble. And though she makes good money working for her boss. She knows it isn't going to cut it. 

She finds herself applying for a job at The Magnolia House. become a whore. Though it may excite her, it's the last thing she imagined herself doing. 

"I resign myself to the fact that money doesn't grow on trees. It grows in a fancy whorehouse on the edge of the city, and I'm about to offer myself up on a platter for a piece of that pie." 

That is until she goes to interview and she finds her boss...Marcus Devereux standing there waiting on her. Little did she know that he owns the brothel. Jane finds herself in a whirlwind of confusion. She's always thought her boss was the most gorgeous man she'd ever laid her eyes on in person but he's only ever been friendly to her. Never like this. 

Marcus comes from rags to riches. Two things he loves in and woman. And he finds himself in a sticky situation with one of his employees when he finds her interviewing for a job at Magnolia. 

He never thought of himself as a one woman man or finding love but he may have just found that in Jane. The one woman he doesn't want to share. 

The Ice Queen by Dee Ellis

Brooke is a whore through and through. And she loves it. She doesn't claim to be any different. Men can't have all the fun. She enjoys herself. She loves her job and she loves being in control. Though she does whatever is asked of her. You pay, she does. 

She's never claimed to be anything different than who she is. Brooke doesn't have daddy issues, she doesn't have mommy issues, she has money...she just likes to be pleasured. And she gets paid the big bucks, which is a bonus. 

That is until she meets Elijah. He's just a tech boy, he's there to work on their computers but when he sees Brooke, he knows he has to have her. He's never seen a more beautiful woman in all his life. Elijah is a nerd...a sexy hot nerd. He's got that whole floppy hair, nerd glasses, and converse down to a T. 

Brooke can't seem to shake him though but she knows that she can never give him anything more than what he pays for. But he seems to be breaking all her rules...breaking down her barrier, she has so proudly built when it comes to her clients. But that's all changing for one sexy tech boy. 

The Schoolgirl by Christine Besze 

Harmony is a riot. She beats to her own drum. She's a wild little thing and she loves it. Her life may not be perfect but she has a family at Magnolia. Her own sexy family. 

"I'm Harmony, a whore to the core. Love me or hate, just know I'm here to stay." 

She has men kneeling at their feet to be with her and listen to her every command. She has a strong clientele and she loves it that way. Harmony loves opening people up ad showing them all their deepest, darkest fantasies. Things people would love to do but just don't. 

Though she works at Magnolia, she is taking classes and going to school. Her hours work around her schooling and she loves it. Though she may be hot for teacher. She wants nothing more than a taste of her hot Professor Collin. To bring him over to the dark side. But little did she know that he was a game changer. He is going to change her life. But is it for the good or the bad? 

"You can only dance with the devil so long before he demands your soul." 

Harmony's world is about to be rocked at it's core. Her life is about to be shook up and not in the best ways. Can Harmony push through and see the light at the end of the tunnel? Or will she fade into the nothing and lose her one shot at love. 

The Pussy Cat by Amelia Oliver 

Calico. She's a dirty girl. She's a feisty, fun, pussycat. Covered in gorgeous tattoos and piercings, men crave her. And she wouldn't have it any other way. She's worked at Magnolia for awhile now and she loves every aspect of her job...or so she thought. 

She volunteers at an animal shelter where she loves  what she does working with animals. But when she runs into the doctor...literally she finds herself in a trace. Calico can't seem to look away from him. 

"The doctor had me lovesick." 

Stone can't seem to look away from her...he's fascinated with her. He has to know more about her. The more he questions her and the more he finds out about her, the more he wants her. 

"We found ourselves doing ungodly things anywhere we could, and for once in my life felt like I was being corrupted and not the corrupter." 

These two fall quickly into each other and find themselves lost in each others bodies. But little does Stone know that Calico works for a brothel. Will this break them apart forever or will Stone understand her job. 

The Specialist by BB Easton 

One word....dirty. Dirty. Dirty Dirty. Trixie is a trouble maker, she causes pain...and she likes it. Men and woman crawl to her, wanting to explore their deepest, darkest fantasies. More like their pain. She thrives off of it and she doesn't have any plan on changing. 

She's crazy and everyone that knows her, knows that she is crazy. More like insane. But people dig it and she's good at her job. So when Carter gets one look at the rebel with green hair outside one day while he is working on the grounds, he knows he has to have her. Even if it's for one night. 

As he request Trixie...he's laughed at knowing that he won't be able to handle her. That she inflicts pain but he doesn't care. He has to have a night, a day or an hour with her. Though M knows he won't be able to handle her, she sends Trixie up to show him to a good time. 

But little do they both know, that they are both just as insane. Both of them have their own issues and they feed off of it. They crave it. These two are wild and crazy and make no apologizes for it. 

The Madame by Ace Gray 

M. She's a temptress, she's a vixen...she always gets what she wants. She's the Madame. The queen of the house...she knows what she's doing when it comes to the female body. Men would fall at their knees for a taste of her. But she doesn't work like that. She likes to put on men their fantasies. 

That is until one man doesn't want one of the Magnolia ladies...he wants her. And he isn't going to take no for an answer. But little does she know that the sexy man that wants her, is an undercover FBI agent trying to shut the brothel down. 

But Shep can't seem to look away from her. He needs the vixen. Whether he is undercover or not...he needs one night with her. Shep finds himself losing himself in her her eyes that are shielded behind a mask. 

"The lace mask she wore obscured the color of her eyes but not the twinkle they got when she spoke of sin." 

These two are a riot. Shep and M both found something in each other that they thought they would never have. But will everything be lost when Madame finds out his deepest, darkest secret? 

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