BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FOOL by KK Hendin, Media Blitz + Giveaway

April 2015
Today we have a blitz post for BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FOOL by KK Hendin! We hope you enjoy! 


Eighty seven billion dollars.

One dead New York business mogul.
No heirs.
No wives.
No relatives.
Eighty seven billion dollars.
Not hers yet.
He doesn’t deserve them.
He doesn’t know what to do with them.
She does.
She always has.
Eighty seven billion dollars.
He’s overwhelmed.
She’s prepared.
That will should have had her name.
Not his.
Eighty seven billion dollars.
His looks are a bonus.
Her looks are her weapon.
He’s fighting a losing battle against his heart.
He doesn’t know it yet.
Eighty seven billion dollars.
She gets everything she wants.
He’s what she wants.
Love has nothing to do with it.
To get to where you’re going, sometimes you need to step on a few people to get there.
Good thing her heels are sharp.

This sale is just for a limited time! 

Sands Point was quite the party central last night. GEORGE & KIT LINDSAY threw what seemed to be the party to start off the summer. An ocean themed party, which we heard when just swimmingly. Some of the guests included FLORENCE RAINOR, CHRISTIAN THAMES, and REGINA WARD. 
Queen of the Land, Sky, and Sea (but mostly New York), CEDAR REYNOLDS was also in attendance. We’re so excited for the beach pictures that will be coming this summer, because Cedar’s outfits will be going right onto our wish lists.
Speaking of wish lists, New York’s newest Prince Charming, ELLIS CARRINGTON, was also in attendance last night. Looking absolutely scrumptious, if we do say so ourselves. Ellis, can you be the Prince Eric to my Ariel? That is, if CEDAR hasn’t already taken my place as Ariel. Rumors are that they were looking rather cozy last night…is romance in the air?
Will he (sha la la la la la my oh my) kiss the girl?
Should I stop with my Little Mermaid references?
I would never do that to you poor unfortunate souls.
(Okay, I’m stopping now. Really.)

Author Information


KK Hendin’s real life ambition is to become a pink fluffy unicorn who dances with rainbows. But the schooling for that is all sorts of complicated, so until that gets sorted out, she’ll just write. Preferably things with angst and love. And things that require chocolate. She’s the author of the NA contemporaries HEART BREATHS and ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG.
THIS MUCH SPACE is the second book in her new series, TWELVE BEATS IN A BAR. 
KK spends way too much time on Twitter (where she can be found as @kkhendin), and rambles on occasion over at


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