Review: Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Review by Ursula

5 out of 5 Stars
A combination of my favorite things! Fantasy, fiction, medieval times, dark magic, hot guys and a badass heroine (who is also a dangerous criminal). Absolutely loved it! 

I think I have a crush on Celeana Sardothien. Yes, she is the badass heroine in this story even though she is also this seriously dangerous criminal. But how could one not love her? She is 17 and can make the bravest of men shake in their boots when her name is mentioned. Aaaaaaah! I wanna be her best friend! 

Celeana has accepted what she is, rescued from a bad situation when she was only a child and trained to become the best assassin. She inevitably learned how to take care of herself and trust nobody. 
Now she has the opportunity to win her freedom after spending a year in Endovier, the roughest prison in all the land, where most don’t survive.  But winning her freedom will mean putting her trust in people she barely knows and hope for the best. 

The key players in this story are; Nehemia, princess of Eyllwe, Dorian Havilliard, the crown prince of Adarlan and Chaol Westfall, Captain of the Guard and 100% swoon material! Not that Dorian isn’t, he really is, but Chaol is at a different level (at least for me). 

The story was absolutely enthralling! There are several things going on at the same time, we have Celeana competing for her freedom (and her life). Celeana and Nehemia spark a friendship and Celeana discovers that in this land where magic has been vanished, the Dark Arts have not been forgotten (quick someone call Snape!) j/k lol 

She also learns that, like most, Nehemia has a secret and ulterior motives and she will have to figure out if Nehemia is really someone she can trust or if after all she has been a terrible judge of character and therefore put her life in even more danger.

Dorian and Chaol are of course the candidates for who Celeana (and us the readers) will fall for (no surprise there) but it’s not as easy as it sounds though. 

Dorian is the crown prince and a gorgeous one at that but though he is really sweet and well just overall swoony, I don’t know that he is the best match for Celeana, he still seems to be much under his father’s dominance, and I think it is still to be seen if he would be willing to risk crossing The King of Adarlan for Celeana, who I must mention The King absolutely loathes and wouldn’t mind getting rid of. 

On the other hand we have Chaol <3 … can I get a collective big long sigh for Chaol? *swoon * . He is not as forward as Dorian as far as Celeana is concerned and also I feel like he is guarding himself because deep down he knows that falling for the most notorious assassin in the land is probably not the best move when you are Captain of the King’ Guard. Chaol has a secret though, one that I’m dying to uncover, I think it has to do with who he really is and where he comes from. 

Now which one Celeana will fall for, if she does, well I’ll just let you find that out for yourself.

The competition is fierce and Celeana will have to not only fight 23 other very dangerous criminals but she will have to face and conquer the power of Dark Magic, trust the otherworldly and believe in herself enough to make it to the last 4 and battle it out to be the Champion. 

Throne of Glass is packed with action, magic, murder, politics, romance and betrayal, and is all about the conviction of one girl brave and strong enough to fight for her freedom even when it can mean dying while trying.
Can’t wait to start Crown of Midnight, watch out for my review on that :) 

Sarah J. Maas will be at RT Booklovers Convention 2014. Ursula is also attending, so stay tuned for tons of coverage from the event! 

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