Review: Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie by Cecilia Ahern

Review by Alona
This one is for all of the Romans reamers out there.
Love, Rosie was the first book that I ever read completely by myself in English, so if English isn't your mother tongue and you usually wait for books to be translate- you can easily start to read English with this book!

Love, Rosie tells the story of two best friends, Rosie and Alex, Who grow up together. Everything is perfect for them until Alex is being forced to move to America with his parents far away from Rosie. Only after being separated they understand that they have feelings for each other but they decide to keep he has a secret.

When Rosie visits Alex she thinks that this is the perfect chance to tell him what she feels but it's already too late and Alex have a girlfriend, soon-to-be he's wife. She comes back home and after a while decides to move on and start dating again. She meets a great guy, having a perfect job and her life's seems to be perfect, right as Alex getting a divorce. 

Suddenly Rosie's marriage starts to fall apart and Alex has to win her heart over again.

When I started to read the book I went crazy, there are no descriptions and the whole book is writing in conversation style; chats, letters, postcards, emails. Luckily I kept reading and discovered in the main using heartbreaking story. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Cecelia Ahern is a genius! She took my heart away and did with it whatever she wanted. I HATE and LOVE the book at the same time, It was so frustrating every time that I thought 'this is Rosie and Alex finally going to be together!' but of course, I was wrong and Cecelia somehow succeeded to ruined it.
There's a moment of love and you just sit there reading like;
But it's too early, NO Rosie&Alex for me, forget about it.

Not gonna say how it ended, you have to read at yourself ;)

In the bottom line- if you love romans and you want your heart to explode from love this is the book for you! Amazing and highly recommended!

Uh yeh and one more thing; this book turning soon to a movie staring Lily Collins as Rosie Dunne and Sam Claflin as Alex Stewart.

There's no trailer\coming out date yet but I can assure you, there is lots to expect for ;) 

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