Review: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey 

Review by Ursula
5 out of 5 stars
Sci-Fi novels are not usually my cup of tea and I have read very few books that involve Aliens that have held my interest for longer than 5 chapters; but The 5th Wave absolutely blew my mind!!
 The first thing I will say is that it was unpredictable, just when you think you are understanding what’s going on and who is in whose side BAM! There’s a plot twist that takes you completely by surprise and more often than not left me mouth wide-open and jaw hitting the floor.
The 5th Wave is told from several points of view and it goes back and forth as the story progresses, at first I thought it would be hard to stay focused but you become so invested in what’s happening in the lives of each of the characters that the constant POV change feels seamless.
 Survival in earth seems almost impossible after the alien arrival; they are way more advanced than humans and they have weapons capable of wiping life from earth completely. 
It’s at the verge of this happening that we meet Cassie who has been hiding and running after losing her whole family. The only one still alive, or at least that’s what she wants to believe, is her little brother who was separated from her to keep safe. Cassie has no idea how she will rescue him though.
Chloe Grace Moretz has been cast to play the role of Cassie in the movie adaptation.
When all seems lost and it looks like it may be the end of the line for Cassie she meets Evan Walker, a kind stranger that saves her life. Evan Walker is an enigma though, Cassie knows nothing about him and there are things that just don’t seem right with him. Evan is the only one who can help her rescue her brother, so she will find herself with no other alternative but to trust Evan. 

There are several important characters in this story and they are all equally interesting, they are all fighting the same fight but while Cassie is doing so from the outside they are doing it from the inside and Cassie’s brother is one them.
The stories of these characters are all so interconnected that even though things are happening in different places it’s hard not to think about them simultaneously.
This is a alien story like I’ve never read before. I don’t think you ever grow to accept them or forgive what they are doing but as the story reveals more of their background and why they are doing what they are doing, it makes you question whether human beings wouldn’t go to the same lengths to save their race.
I found them pretty scary actually, not in appearance but in how advanced they are. 
There were points in the book where I really asked myself “how are they ever gonna survive this?!”  It really felt hopeless at times.
This books is one of the very few where I just had to finish no matter what, so the night I was close to being done I poured myself some Cuban coffee and stayed up until 2am finishing it, and when I was finally done tears were rolling down my cheeks, and I felt like someone punched me in the stomach! Good night to me, thanks Rick Yancey! LOL
September can not come soon enough; I can’t wait to dive into The Infinite!

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