Football Friday. Week 2: Meet Dallas + Giveaway

All Lined Up's Football Fridays: Meet Dallas

If you missed it, last week - we introduced Football Fridays - a post we will be doing every week up until the release of All Lined Up by Cora Carmack on May 13. Last week, we met swoon worthy Carson. You can meet him here, if you missed him...or visit him if you love him as much as I do. 

This week we're going to introduce you guys to Dallas. All Lined Up is told in both Dallas and Carson's point of, she's kind of a big deal, and I think you're gonna love her. 

Dallas Cole: Prefers the company of books or movies to people; Easily self-conscious; Easily irritated; (starting to feel like I'm describing myself here.) She's also gorgeous. (there's the reality check.) She's a red head. WOOO GO GINGERS! (I'm not even a red head I just really root for Dallas) and she's the coach's daughter. Yeah. That coach. The one that coaches the Rusk U football team. She also makes a habit of just yelling at the top of her lungs when she's mad.... see? Told you that you'd love her. 
Emma Stone is my fan cast for Dallas. To me, she's just kinda perfect. With that said, check out some of the teasers we've been passing around in the Cora Carmack Rusk University Street Team. 

She's also a dancer...and a pretty great one at that. 

Carson thinks she's pretty rad. 

Dallas when she's annoyed: 

and Dallas when she's awkward:

and then there's Dallas when she's just, well. Dallas. 

Can I do one more just because? I told you. I really love Dallas. I think this is pretty spot on of Dallas when she's around cute boys: 

...and Stella made her wear that outfit. Don't worry, you'll meet Stella Friday if you're counting down the days. 

Also don't forget to visit these awesome blogs that I work with on the street team. We don't really talk about who or what we're gonna post (outside of the character so we are all on the same page) so it's really neat to see how differently everyone sees each character. I think it gives you an amazing grasp on the reach that these characters have - and how much you're going to love them. 
Cora Carmack - leader of our people. 

One More reason I love Dallas. She says things like....

Don't forget!

Cora Carmack will be with us at the Nashville Author Event in June!! You can find out more info on that event by clicking here

okay okay, giveaway time! 

be sure to click the GIVEAWAYS tab for even MORE Cora Carmack + Veronica Roth, and More!
(yours won't say Amber. That's Mine. Unless your name is Amber and then.. well yours will say Amber, too.) 

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