Release Day + Review: Thank You For Visiting Wolf Creek by M. Andrews

Title: Thank You For Visiting Wolf Creek 
Author: M. Andrews 
Genre:  Erotica 

Mabel is looking to escape her life as Hollywood's leading lady, Sabrina Woodard. She is tired of having everything from what she ate for breakfast to her tits broadcasted to the entire world. She needs a break to clear her head, so when her only true friend in Hollywood suggests she escape to the mountains of Washington for a little private retreat, she doesn’t hesitate to take him up on his suggestion. When a run in with a patch of ice details her plans, Mabel finds herself at the mercy of her knight in shining flannel, Colton Dylan. He’s charming, sweet, and even better than his devilish good looks, he has no clue who she really is. 

Colton has been searching for the one for most of his life. He was starting to lose hope, when a sweet voice called needing help with her car. The moment Colton laid eyes on Mabel he knew she was the one. The catch, he only has a week to convince her that he can give her the life she has always dreamed.

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Lumberjacks, sign me up! Romance, sign me up! Virgin hero, sign me up! 

This book is perfection y'all! I simply adored this story and the characters are so fun. I was so sad to leave this world of sexy lumberjacks in this last installment in the series, but I know I will be definitely re-reading. I just love to see how much the characters love each other and how Colton would do anything for Mabel. Swoon.

Thank you for Visiting Wolf Creek, follows the story of Colton and Mabel. Colton has grown up in Wolf Creek, it's his home. He's never known any different or wanted anything different. But when Mabel comes crashing into his life, needing help with her car and Colton is straight to the rescue. 

Mabel is fleeing from her life just needing a break after a scandal broke out about her. Needing a get away, she finds herself driving away from Hollywood and all the drama, to a resort but ends up having to stop from car trouble. But when she finds herself lost in the deep eyes of Colton and the small, quant town of Wolf Creek, she decides that maybe she doesn't want to leave for now. 

But Mabel quickly finds herself, lost to Colton and everything he has to offer her. She's always been used to Hollywood and the savage way of how people treat her for being famous. Mabel knows what it's like to be burned and hurt over and over again. Colton offers her the world and she's so eager to take his hand. But just when she thinks everything is falling into place, she's betrayed. And she's not sure if she can trust him ever again. 

Colton and Mabel were so fun to read. Such a heartfelt read, that will have you cheering the characters on the whole story and leave you smiling. It's bittersweet to see this series come to an end but I can't wait to see what's next from Melissa. 

M. Andrews resides in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two daughters. She is a self proclaimed coffee addict and cupcake hound who loves writing sticky sweet erotic romance. 

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