Release Day + Review: QUEEN OF HEARTS by M. Andrews

Title: Queen of Hearts 
Author: M. Andrews 
Release Date: October 8th, 2018 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

He’s her best friend’s brother and she’s off limits. 

“Stay away from Lucy.”

Hunter took his sister’s threat as the ultimate challenge to get the woman of his dreams. But will Lucy’s loyalty to her best friend and the ghosts of her past keep Hunter from getting the girl... 

"I locked away my heart thinking I was protecting myself, but in reality I was saving myself for her." 

If you've been following the Gambling on Love series... (which you should be), it's no surprise that we were all dying for Lucy's and Hunter's book. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for these two to collide worlds and watch them fall apart. And let me say, M. Andrews doesn't disappoint. I've been a fan of her books and her ability to tell a story, from the beginning. I adore her writing and her steamy scenes. I'm either smiling so hard my cheeks hurt, crying all over the pages, or drooling all over myself. Those never feel like bad things when it comes to escaping into a book. 

"I've spent my entire life hiding behind my camera capturing the significant moments in other peoples lives. It's time I sept in front of the lens and have a life of my own." 

My expectations for a man are extremely high and I blame this author completely. Her swoon worthy men leave me reeling for more and Hunter was no different. Hunter McCoy thought he had the perfect life. He has the job of his dreams. Capturing peoples most important moments in their lives and traveling the world. He has all the women he could ever want falling at their knees to just have a chance with him. And it's all he's ever wanted and all he thought he ever would. Until he meets his sisters quirky, crazy, best friend Lucy Bishop. 

"Watching Lucy walk is like watching a symphony of long legs and soft curves moving in perfect harmony." 

Lucy doesn't have her life together... not in the slightest. Some days she's even lucky to remember to put on a bra before running out of the house to get her daughter to school. Being a single mom is no cake walk. But then tack on running your own coffee shop and bookstore. Lucy can hardly keep her head on straight most days. And that's why she always loves seeing her best friends brother, Hunter, when she's in the moment "of a hot mess." He always has the best timing. And though Lucy promised Brooke she would never get involved with her brother, she can't help but to be drawn to him. To want to sink into his arms and lose herself in him. I mean he's perfect who wouldn't. 

"My sun and moon and stars. We begin and end with each other." 

But Lucy knows it's more than that and she promised herself she would never fall in love again. Not after what happened before. She knows what it feels like to have your life stripped away and she isn't ready for the impact of Hunter McCoy.

"You are mine Lucy. You are the queen of my heart."  

And I can just say, I wasn't ready for the impact of Hunter and Lucy. These two had a vise grip on my heart and they will never let go. I adored this book and these characters. Though this is the last book in the series, I'm excited to see where this author is going to go next. 

M. Andrews resides in the suburbs of Seattle with her family. She is a self proclaimed cupcake hound and coffee addict, who loves to write dirty erotic books. M is the author of the Gambling on Love Series, Hot Hollywood Nights series and the Amazon best selling book Cupcake. 

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