Release Day + Book Review: WELCOME TO WOLF CREEK by M. Andrews

Title: Welcome to Wolf Creek 
Author: M. Andrews 
Genre: Erotic 
Release Date: November 24th, 2017 
After what felt like a lifetime with the man Laurie thought was her soulmate, he leaves her with nothing but broken promises, lies and divorce papers. Determined not to let her ex take her last shred of dignity, Laurie ventures out on a road trip that will change her life forever. 

Easton Dylan thought he had all the time in the world before it became his time to take over the reins of Dylan Lumber, his family’s lumber mill. When the patriarch of the family passes, it falls on Easton to shoulder the responsibility of keeping the mill open. But he doesn’t want to do it alone. 

Warning: This is an over the top insta-love HEA filled with holiday smutty goodness to help keep you warm this holiday season!!
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"These guys are all rough hands, mud on their boots, and throw you around the bedroom men." 

It's no secret that M. Andrews is one of my all time favorite authors because she never lets me down when it comes to an amazing story full of passion, romance, and heart. 

"Since the time I could swing an axe, I've spent every moment at this mill." 

Welcome to Wolf Creek follows the story of Easton and Laurie. These two come from different worlds but somehow both needed each other without even knowing it. After Laurie is freshly divorced she is living down in the dumps but that quickly changes when her best friend drags her away back to Seattle for the holidays. But what they didn't expect was to get snowed in a little Christmas town called Wolf Creek. 

"You taste like heaven and sin rolled into one." 

Laurie is in awe of this perfect little town filled with Christmas galore. It's like she just stepped into a Hallmark movie and lets all admit...we've all wanted to jump into a Hallmark movie. So this town, is perfect. Laurie plans on sleeping in, stuffing her face, and watching some movies in her room but her friend has a different idea for them. 

"I want these hands and this mouth marking every inch of my body as a reminder of this night." 

Easton has lived in Wolf Creek his whole life and he's longed for nothing else but to swing an axe and carry on his families business. But the last thing he plans to find is a woman but a woman in the form of long blonde hair, curves, and a gorgeous smile is exactly what he finds. 

This book is filled with romance, fun, Christmas joy, and scenes that will leave you panting. In this insta- love story you will get everything perfect and so much more. 

M. Andrews resides in the suburbs of Seattle with her family. She is a self proclaimed cupcake hound and coffee addict, who loves to write dirty erotic books. M is the author of the Gambling on Love Series, Hot Hollywood Nights series and the Amazon best selling book Cupcake. 

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