Happy Release Day + Review: PARTNERS IN CRIME by M. Andrews

Title: Partners in Crime 
Author: M. Andrews 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 4th, 2017 
Hank's life was spiraling out of control. Booze, women and drugs ruled his world. He was headed down a dangerous path when a knock on the door turned his world around for the better. Now four years later the only parties Hank goes to are tea parties with his daughter Colby. Colby saved Hank from slipping into the darkness forever. Just when Hank thinks he has his life back on track, another knock on the door threatens to turn his life upside down. 

It was just another job interview was what Nora Cunningham thought when she knocked on the Ross' door. A live in nanny job was just what she needed to get out of living in her parent's basement and get herself out of the funk she had been living in after finding her boyfriend in bed with one of her best friends. What she didn't expect was Hank Ross, her sexy new boss. He's sweet and charming and a devoted father, but he has a dark side that intrigues Nora. Soon she finds herself falling for her new boss. 

The chemistry between Hank and Nora is explosive, but can Hank get over his fears of falling back into his old womanizing ways and give Nora the home she has been searching for? Can Nora convince Hank that it is possible for him to be a one woman man?

"I've never had a man look at me with such intense desire before." 

You can never go wrong with a book by this lady and she definitely didn't disappoint when it comes to Partners in Crime. Every word that was put into this book was poured with love, passion, and a deep love for these characters. It's evident in her writing and how real the characters are. 

"I shouldn't be thinking how I would love to climb him like a tree." 

Hank's and Nora's story is true gold. These two are my everything. This is a book that I could read over and over and never get tired of these characters. Their story is so raw and real to life situations. But has that edge of perfect drool worthy romance that only Andrews can do. 

"Looking at him you would never know he was a detective and a dedicated father." 

This book follows the story of Hank and Nora. Partners in Crime is the third book in the Gambling on Love series but can be read as a standalone. Hank's life was a complete mess until he was giving the gift he never knew he  wanted or needed...a daughter. He immediately cleans up his life and gets his act together for this sweet baby that deserves a perfect life. And that's exactly what he gives Colby. Years later he is a detective and the worlds sexiest father. He's dedicated his life to Colby and that's exactly the way he likes it. Colby is his world as he is Colby's. These two are the cutest. 

"Damn, are my clothes still on, it feels like they just exploded off my body. And my panties are done for. Hello Hank the hunk." 

Nora is ready for a change. After finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend and living in her parents...Nora knows she can't keep living life the same way she is now. So when she applies for a job to be a nanny, the last thing she expects is for Hank Ross to answer the door. These two are exactly what they needed in this chaotic world. They fall hard and fast for each other. Watching them fall in love will leave you with chill bumps and a glass of wine wishing for your own Hank. 

"My best friend, my partner in crime. Love of my life." 

You will fall hard for Nora, Hank, and Colby. Put all three of them together and your heart won't be able to handle the cuteness. So buckle up and get ready to become Hank's partner in crime. 

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M. Andrews resides in the suburbs of Seattle with her family. She is a self proclaimed cupcake hound and coffee addict, who loves to write dirty erotic books. M is the author of the Gambling on Love Series, Hot Hollywood Nights series and the Amazon best selling book Cupcake. 

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