Book Review: AVENGED by Jay Crownover

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Title: Avenged 
Author: Jay Crownover 
Release Date: March 21st, 2017 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

New York Times bestselling author Jay Crownover brings heat and heart to Liliana Hart’s MacKenzie family with AVENGED… 

Girl meets boy… 

On the worst night of her life when she’s decided to take a drastic step that there is no going back from. 

Girl is used to sitting by, letting fate deal cruel hand after cruel hand to good people with soft hearts and she’s had enough. 

Girl thinks it’s time to fight back against fate and against men who aren’t careful with all the precious things a woman in love has to give him. 

Fate shows girl who’s boss and turns her world and plans upside down without breaking a sweat. 

Boy meets girl… 

On the best night of his life when he’s decided that he’s going to make moves to be the man he was always meant to be instead of the man he was trained and conditioned to be. 

Boy is used to a solitary life, quiet in the woods and knowing the only thing that might be looking for him is trouble and trouble is no longer his stock in trade. 

Boy thinks it’s time to show trouble who’s boss, even if this trouble has big blue eyes and a body made to make men stupid. Trouble only gets the upper hand if the boy falls prey to its temptation. 

Trouble turns the boy’s quiet, serene life sideways without any effort. 

Trouble is fun and fate has a wicked sense of humor when it comes to this boy meeting this girl.

You can never go wrong with a Crownover read or at least in my opinion. Her books are always so much fun but yet filled with so much pain. She has the ability to tell the perfect story. No matter how's always so beautiful, raw, and real. 

Avenged definitely was a beautiful and raw read. I devoured this book in almost one sitting and never wanted to put it down. I absolutely loved how these stories crossed over. Seeing characters from her different worlds was super cool. I love when authors cross over characters. And this was the perfect one. 

Echo is from the Saints of Denver series and Benny is from The Point series. Both of these characters are from different worlds but not that much apart. Darkness lives in their souls, seeps through their skin, and never wants to leave. Or maybe they don't want it to leave. 

After Echo suffered such a tragic lose, she's ready to put everything behind her but first she wants justice. She takes off to Surrender in hopes of finding someone. But that gets derailed when her car hits black ice and her car spirals out of control. 

Benny just happened to live close by and here her crash or it would have possibly meant death for Echo. Benny isn't the saving type. He's never been one to offer help but he can't seem to leave this woman out here to die. 

Benny and Echo both have dark past. Equally as dark if you ask me, just from different points. They are suffering from something deep within them and need each other to solve this pain. They never planned to be in each others lives but fate had a different spin for them. 

Jay Crownover is the International and multiple New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men series, The Saints of Denver series, the Point and Breaking Point series. Her books can be found translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays, as well as live music and terrible TV shows. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.

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