Release Day + Review: BEAST ANTHOLOGY

8:00 AM

Title: Beast 
Authors: Stephanie Alba, Madalyn Beck, Jessica Bucher, Jeannine Colette, A.M.Johnson, Caroline Nolan, Amanda Richardson, Hayley Stumbo 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: March 14th, 2017 

Eight stories inspired by the classic fairytale, Beauty and the Beast. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network. 

A TALE ABOUT changing your fate once it's already written, because knowing your future can be a blessing or a curse.
. . . 
A TALE OF blurred lines and two unlikely souls who find a way to make peace with their beasts—after all, life is hard, but death is harder.
. . .
A TALE OF a heartbreaker prince and the young sorceress who puts a tragic spell on him—it's no surprise he wants revenge—but first, he must understand what it truly means to be called a monster. 
. . .
A TALE OF a woman who wanted to live beyond the gates of her manor, and the Beast who broke down her walls.
. . .
A TALE OF a beastly storm that traps a doctor and his secretary in the basement of the hospital they work in—and what happens when old wounds are torn apart and two pasts collide.
. . .
A TALE OF two men defined by how they look and the one woman who refuses to see it.
. . .
A TALE OF a book thief who is kidnapped by a rival bandit and learns the meaning of true sacrifice. 
. . .
A TALE ABOUT a man who wants nothing more than to die, and how he saves the life of someone who is dying to live.

Every Beautiful Piece by A. M. Johnson 

Evangeline Bell is a quiet person. Good at staying invisible and out of the attention of others. Her shyness has always kept her out of trouble. And her job as an OR clerk helps her stay out of the limelight at her job as well. 

But she's always had eyes for the Prince. Dr. Lucas Prince that is. He's gorgeous but he's a beast. He's anything but nice. But every beast has a secret to why he is a beast and that he does. 

After Prince finds that he has left something in his scrub pocket, he finds himself running back into the hospital to get what he left in his scrubs that he dumbed into the dirty linen. 

He finds himself trapped in the hospital basement with Evangeline looking for the photo he left in his pocket. These two strike up conversation and find themselves lost in each other's tears. And the stories that make them...them. 

Both of them have struggled through life and are both grasping at the seems. But can the beast become a true prince to get his life back in order? Or will these two be lost to their past? 

This short is so beautiful and so powerful in only a way that Johnson can bring. I loved this short like crazy. It's such a breathtaking short and a gorgeous retelling of a story that we all know too well. 

I look forward to reading more of the shorts inside this anthology. 

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