Release Day + Review + Giveaway: GRAVITY by A. M. Johnson writing as Lillian Bryant

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Title: Gravity 
Author: A. M. Johnson writing as Lillian Bryant 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date: December 5th, 2016
When Bailey Evans walked into Dr. Cole Larkin’s ER, there was no turning back. She burned every bit of his certainty to the ground. She pushed him past every defense. She broke him, and showed him just how good it felt to lose control. But, now, it’s Cole’s turn to flip her world upside down. All she has to do… is say yes.   Read how Bailey and Cole finally get their Happily Ever After in this Valley Hospital Short.  
***One hundred percent of the proceeds will be given to Christy Dorton and her family to help recover their losses due to a house fire.***  

" affects all things, including the heart." 

     Cole and Bailey are back, and they are hotter than ever. Johnson held nothing back in writing this sexy short...continuing the steamy love affair between Cole and Bailey. 
     Dr. Cole sexy beast. Oh how I love this doctor. Everything about him screams sin and he has no problem with it because he has the woman of his dreams. With Bailey in his life, he knew he could do anything. Though it's taken a long (not easy) path to get to where they are, they are proud to be where they are now. 

"The attraction I had for's a heavy weight and it drew us together with an incredible power." 

     Though Cole still suffers from his controlling personality and his intense OCD, it doesn't plague his life anymore because of her. Everything is because of her. Bailey is happy to be the calm to his storm or the chaos. She will take any part of him she can and every part. They belong to each other. 
     They of course still have their struggles and hard times but at least they are fighting through them together. They may have a long road ahead of them but I like to think that it's a good one. As long as these two have each other...I think that they could concur the world one day at a time. 

"My anger, my love, my peace, it all belonged to her." 

     In this short, you will need a fan, some wine, and a cupcake for all the sexy that is in this short. Gravity is a sexy and sweet little read. If you are looking for a quick sexy, fun, erotic short...then look no further. A. M. Johnson has the answer for you. 

"Bailey brought out the animal in me. She brought out a piece of me I never knew existed." 

     These two are set to kill and be ready. If you haven't read the first in the series, then this book will be a huge no no for you unless you want to spoil Cole's and Bailey's story. And Pressure is too good to have spoiled for you. So don't miss out on the first book Pressure and then pick up Gravity. All the proceeds for Gravity are going toward Christy Dorton, a friend of the author that lost everything in a house fire.
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A.M. Johnson lives in Utah with her family where she works as a full-time nurse. If she’s not busy with her three munchkins, you’ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard.  She loves romance and all things passionate. Amanda enjoys exploring all genres and bringing life to the human experience.

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