Release Day: NOTHING LESS by Anna Todd

Nothing Less
By. Anna Todd
Release Day: December 6th 2016 
Book 2 of a new series featuring After worldwide fan-favorite Landon Gibson as he leaves Washington to navigate love and life in New York City. At the end of the After Ever Happy, Landon got married—but readers everywhere have been wondering who will get to call the nicest boy in the After series their forever love? Read it and find out!

“I'm so excited for everyone to get to know Landon Gibson. Whether you're just hearing about him or already know him from the After series, I know that readers are going to love his story. He's kind and fiercely loyal, and when he falls in love, he loves hard.” (Anna Todd, New York Times and #1 international bestselling author of the After series)

"Your eyes would close the way they always do when I touch you." 

     Anna Todd always has the ability to suck me right into a story and lose myself completely in her world. Ever since After the first book in the After series, I have been an addict for her words. And Landon's stories...are no different. Nothing Less is the second book in Landon's series and follows the life of Landon Gibson.  These books truly take over my heart when I read them and I never want them to end. 

"I can't not kiss her. I lean closer to her, leaving only a few inches between us. "You haven't been kissed before." She's so close now that I can feel her breath on my cheeks. "Not the way I would kiss you. You would forget every kiss that came before mine, every touch. Every single one."

     Landon has such a special place in my heart and I never want him to leave. Throughout the After books, I fell for him hard and when I found out Anna Todd was writing Landon's story I kid you not, I did a little jig in the middle of my hotel room at the time...with no shame. Landon's story is so heartwarming, inviting, and powerful. It is a book that must be read. Landon being the lead man is something that you don't wanna miss. And finding out who he ends up with, will have you on the edge of your seat till the very end. A lot of pacing, huffing, smiling, possibly crying, and cheering will be happening. Your families will think that you have lost your mind but that's okay because Landon will hold you during these times. 

"The sidewalk is hard under my feet, and each step on the pavement brings another memory of Landon. The crinkle by his eyes when he smiles that sweet, shy smile. The way his hands feel on me." 

     Nothing Less takes place between the time that Tessa and Hardin are on one of their many breaks, and Landon and Tessa move to New York. Landon moves to New York to be with his long time girlfriend Dakota but when Dakota breaks up with him soon after he moves, he finds himself lost and wondering around in a city he doesn't know. But things start to look up when Nora, Tessa's friend starts coming around more. These two quickly hit it off but Nora has more secrets than James Bond and she isn't willing to share them. Landon doesn't know how to handle Nora, even though he wants more than anything to handle her and get all up in her business but she just won't let him. 

"I'm not the one with the secrets." 

     But when things start to look up for Landon, everything comes crumbling down when Dakota comes back into his life and wants nothing more than to be with him. But Landon isn't sure that he can just take her back, especially now that Nora is in his life...even though he knows nothing can ever happen between them because he is Tessa's roommate and best friend. That isn't stopping him from trying though. Nothing Less is such a rollercoaster of emotions but it's a rollercoaster that you will want to be on when it drops. 

"Now, here I am sitting at a table full of people I love and admire - and I'm married." 

     Who will Landon marry? Isn't that the big question that everyone is dying to know? Who's Mrs. Landon Gibson? Well wait no longer because you can now find out who Landon chooses to be his wife and you won't be disappointed. 


Anna Todd is a writer spending her days in Austin, Texas, with her husband. She has always been an avid reader and boy band and romance lover, so now that she’s found a way to combine the three she’s enjoying living a real-life dream come true. She now knows what life is like when you get to do what you love. She also has a thing for things that begin with T's: Tom Hanks, TOMS, Target...

Find her at, on Twitter at @imaginator1dx, on Instagram at @imaginator1d, and on Wattpad as Imaginator1D. 

"Without" by Years & Years 
"Echo" by Nelou 
"Ghost" by Halsey 
"TiO" by Zayn 
"Take Me Home" by Jess Glynne 
"Crown of Love" by Arcade Fire 
"Control" by Kevin Garrett 
"Assassin" by John Mayer 
"I Can't Make You Love Me" by Bon Iver 
"What a Feeling" One Direction 
"Never Let Me Go" by Emily Wolfe
"War of Hearts" by Ruelle 
"Edge of Desire" by John Mayer 
"Chainsaw" by Nick Jonas 
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"Last Flower" by Mads Langer 
"I Know Places" by Taylor Swift 
"Cough Syrup" by Young the Giant 
"iT's YoU" by Zayn 
"Heavy" Emily Wolfe 
"Wolves" by One Direction 

And DON'T miss out on where it all started in Nothing More. 

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