Release Day: MISTLETOED by M. Andrews

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Title: Mistletoed 
Author: M. Andrews 
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Release Date: December 12th, 2016

Since losing his wife five years ago, Derek Erickson has lived a life of lonely solitude. Focusing on work and incasing his heart in a protective shell of ice. Friends and family have begged him to put himself back out in the dating world, to find someone who can unfreeze his troubled heart. But Derek is content to live alone. He had and lost the great love of his life and to him no one can make him as happy as his late wife Sonia had. That is until he gets snowed in  for Christmas with the vibrant and charismatic Eliza Edwards. 

An American Christmas in the mountains sounded like a dream to Eliza Edwards. After four months of living in the Big Apple she was ready to get back to the small town vibe she had been missing since moving from her childhood home of Surrey, England. She was prepared for a weekend of watching cheesy Christmas movies, baking cookies and sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa. The only thing she wasn’t expecting was to meet the charming and extremely handsome Derek Erickson. One innocent kiss under the mistletoe sparks a fire so intense that not even the coldest of hearts could survive.

 Snow, a small cabin in the woods and the romance of Christmas is a recipe for one hot steamy holiday.   

"It all started with a kiss under the mistletoe." 
     M. Andrews is one of my all time favorite authors and whenever I see or hear about her writing a new book, I do a little jig of pure excitement. Her books are always the perfect amount of naughty and nice...and extra naughty. Besides, isn't naughty more fun? 

"The first beat of my heart almost drops me to my knees in front of the most beautiful angel in the world." 

Derek is coming home for Christmas for the first time in years. Since losing his wife nothing has been the same for him but he knows he can't keep drowning himself in his job. He's excited to see his family and finally have some time off of work, even though he loves his job...he knows he needs some much needed time off. So what better time than for the holidays away with his family in their cabin. 
But what he doesn't expect is for his family to not be able to make it and for him to be alone with Eliza Edwards. Upon meeting her...he finds himself lost in her. In her beauty, her charm, her accent. Everything about her warms his hard heart. He can't look away from her. She's everything he never knew he had been waiting for. 

"I'm a ruthless businessman who has stopped at nothing to get what he wants. I want Eliza and I will fight the devil himself to make her mine." 

Eliza wasn't expecting Derek to take her heart...she wasn't even sure she was going to like him. She wanted nothing more than for a peaceful American Christmas...making cookies, watching movies, and snuggling up by the fire but what she wasn't expecting was for Derek Erickson to change her whole life. Not just her Christmas but her everything. 

These two find themselves thrown into each others lives and they may not have been expecting it or have wanted it but life has another plan for them. These two were meant to get snowed in a cabin together and oh how much they are going to enjoy it. 

"My sweet little snowflake." 
Everything these two thought that was going to happen over the holidays is all about to change. And get ready because this Christmas short will destroy your heart and your panties in one swoop. In only Andrews fashion. 


M. Andrews resides in the suburbs of Seattle with her family. She is a self proclaimed cupcake hound and coffee addict, who loves to write dirty erotic books. M is the author of the Gambling on Love Series, Hot Hollywood Nights series and the Amazon best selling book Cupcake. 


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