Blog Tour Excerpt: LOVE'S ILLUSION by Ozlo & Priya Grey

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  Today we have a blog tour for Love’s Illusion by Ozlo & Priya Grey today! Check out this sexy contemporary romance, and grab your copy today! 

 Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel 
Contemporary, New Adult, Standalone Romance Novel

About Love’s Illusion: Some Say Love Is An Illusion, But Nash Is Very, Very Real … 

I’ve never thought of myself as the kind of woman men would find attractive – much less sexy. I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything resembling a “real” relationship. But then I moved to Los Angeles, and everything I thought was “true” about myself… shattered.
They say Los Angeles is a city of illusions, and it’s tough to see what’s real.   
But Nash Is Very, Very, Real.   
He’s drop dead gorgeous and built out of hard stone.   But he keeps to himself. A Loner. Moody and Mysterious. A Star Athlete whose career was tragically cut short. Now he’s trying to figure out his next move.   
Our lives were never meant to intersect. But in a house up in the Hollywood Hills, our souls – and much more – will be stripped bare.   

* This Contemporary, Stand-Alone, New Adult Romance From Bestselling Authors Ozlo & Priya Grey ends in a HEA, with a satisfying climax. It is intended for Mature Audiences. 

It’s 10 pm and Nash Davis is out for a run. His 6 foot 3 inch frame rushes through the Los Angeles night with a determination that appears almost superhuman. Bare-chested, his muscles ripple with each quick and hard step forward. As his sneakers pound the pavement, sweat glistens off his chiseled body. It’s unseasonably warm in Los Angeles this January evening. But Nash doesn’t even notice. With his crystal-blue eyes focused straight ahead, and his broad chest expanding with each breath, the only thing moving faster than Nash’s body at this moment is his mind.
I can’t fuck this up. Tomorrow’s my last shot. If I fuck it up, my life is over.
Nash crosses another street and begins the long ascent up a hill. The homes of the famous and wealthy surround him. His breaths grow more labored. Nash feels a burning sensation run up his legs. He loves it. He’s always enjoyed the sensation of pushing his body to the limit, although he realizes it’s probably not the smartest thing to do the night before his tryout with the Rams. But Nash needed to do something to exorcise the demons inside him. Otherwise, he would just be lying in bed, wide-awake and worrying.
Nash finally comes to the top of the hill. He bends over to catch his breath. As he straightens himself, he observes the bright lights of the city below him, blinking like a sea of neon. Up here, on this hill, he feels invincible. But he knows it’s an illusion, like so many things in this city.
Nash has had enough of the picturesque view before him. He starts running again. In twenty minutes, he approaches a house located in the Hollywood hills. It’s a modern window-and-steel framed house that overlooks the city. Since arriving in Los Angeles two months ago, he’s been renting a room in the home.  
Nash uses his key to unlock the gate and walks toward the front door. He opens the door and quietly steps inside.

I can’t wait to get home and go to sleep. Since I got up at 4 am, I’m bone tired. But unfortunately for me, the bus breaks down on the way home. It takes an hour before another bus shows up, and we’re able to continue our journey home.
When the new bus finally drops me off at my stop, it’s already pitch black. Now I’m really, really, and I mean really fucking tired. I trek up the hill back to the house. By the time I arrive at the front gate, I feel like I’m going to collapse. I’m so out of shape. I’m also incredibly thirsty. I use the FOB key Selena gave me to open the gate. Then I unlock the front door. I step inside the house and head straight to the kitchen. I’m too tired to eat. Something I never thought I’d say to myself. I just want a glass of water before I head to my room and pass out. As I fill a glass with water, I hear the front door open behind me. When I turn around, I nearly drop the glass.
Staring at me is the most drop-dead sexy man I’ve ever seen. He looks exactly like Beowulf845. Except he’s real, made out of flesh, and not pixels. He’s got shoulder length brown hair, and the most piercing blue eyes. His face is lean and chiseled, which matches his fine body. He’s honestly the most attractive man I’ve ever seen close-up.
“Hey,” he says, his eyes not making contact with mine. They’re directed slightly downward. A guy this hot can’t be shy, can he?
“Hi,” I say, suddenly feeling not so tired. I guess the sight of a drop-dead sexy stud has quickly banished my fatigue.
“You the new roomie?” he asks. His voice sounds tired, like he’s only asking because he has too.
“Yep. I’m Flo.”
Our eyes finally meet. I witness a depth and sorrow in them that stuns me. I nervously smile. But he doesn’t smile in return.
He just says, “Nice to meet you.”
Then he heads straight to his room.
Once he’s gone, I take a sip of water.
I guess that was Nash, my drop-dead sexy roommate. I guess he’s not much of a talker.

About Ozlo & Priya Grey:
Ozlo and Priya Grey exchanged their marriage vows over ten years ago. They never expected those vows would lead them to collaborate artistically. If you asked either one of them to reflect on their art, they would admit it has strengthened their union on all fronts. They collaborate to produce contemporary romance novels that are known to pull at your heartstrings while leaving you to contemplate life’s greater purpose. They have authored three contemporary romance novels, including the Amazon #1 inspirational romance bestseller, Healing Melody. Their time is consumed with developing stories for future projects, writing and re-writing, and tinkering with graphic design. When they step away from their desks, they enjoy watching movies and long walks on the beaches of Southern California.   
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