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Today we have the blog tour for Ashelyn Drake’s After Loving You! We are so excited to share this fantastic new contemporary romance with you. Check it out and grab your copy today!
When Mia Thompson and Jared Grande break up before college, they think that’s the end for them.   But two years later, Mia is stalking Jared’s Facebook page and he’s contacting her every chance he gets. Even though they’re both seeing other people, they can’t seem to say good-bye to the past they shared.   One way or another, they’ll have to figure out how to love again. Is it time to get back together or time to move on?

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“Are you seeing someone?” His eyes narrow at me.
“Does it even matter? Whether or not either of us is involved with someone else isn’t the point. The point is what we’re doing here isn’t good for us. I can’t kiss you every time we’re together and then pretend it didn’t happen.”
“I’m not asking you to pretend anything.” He reaches for my hand, and for whatever reason I let him. “I don’t know how to not love you, Mia.”
My throat and eyes sting as fresh tears invade my senses. “Don’t.” I take my hand back and hold it up between us. “You can’t say that. You can’t.”
“Why? Do you want me to lie to you?” He shakes his head. “I couldn’t if I tried.” This time he wipes a stray tear that slips out. “You’re my brown-eyed girl.” The words are half-statement, half-song. “Remember when I requested that song at prom? And then I sang it to you again in our hotel room.”
The night we almost had sex. God, if I’d slept with him back then, it would have killed me. I wouldn’t have gotten over losing him. His image would be permanently etched in my brain, as if it isn’t already.
“What stopped you that night?” he asks, still looking deep into my eyes. “Why was I never good enough?”
“What?” How can he think that? “Do you doubt my feelings for you?” Why didn’t I say the feelings I had for him? I made it sound like I still have them. But then again, that’s the truth. I still do have those feelings.
“I know you loved me, but I’m not sure you ever fully trusted me.”
I reach up and press his hand flat against my cheek. “Of course I trusted you. I gave you my heart, Jared.”
“But not your body.” His words make me pull away. I know he’s been with other girls, both before and after me, but that hurts.
“Is that why you . . . ?”
“Don’t.” His face goes rigid, his jaw clenched. “That is not why I ended things.” I’ve never seen him look so angry.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that. I know that’s not why you broke up with me.”
“Do you?” He’s not letting this go, and I feel like an ass for hurting him this way.
“Yes. You’ve always been so amazing. You waited two years for me, and I know you would have waited longer if college hadn’t separated us.”
“I’d wait forever for you.” His voice finally softens, and it breaks my heart.
The roar of a truck fills the air, breaking the silence between us. I couldn’t be more thankful. My heart aches with confusion. Jared or Mark? The love of my life or the guy who could help heal my pain?
“I think our ride is here,” I say, standing up and needing to put distance between us.
Jared stands and faces me. “Did I lose you forever?”
For the first time I realize that our breakup was just as hard on him as it was on me. “No, you didn’t.”

Ashelyn Drake is a New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romance author. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate. She also writes speculative fiction under the name Kelly Hashway. 
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  1. I loved the excerpt and I'm looking forward to reading the entire book - thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Victoria. Thanks for checking out the book. :)


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