Synopsis & Excerpt Reveal: Celebration by Mounia Bagha

10:00 AM
"When life gets tough, just love it a bit harder."
Twenty-four year old Abigail Mitchell is living the dream: she still lives at home with her parents, trying to make money from a job she absolutely loathes and hopelessly falling for Mr. Wrong. Thankfully, she can count on her loving friends and the best brother in the world Ethan to save her from her misery. But when Abby’s world falls apart one day of May, she knows she’ll have to pull herself together on her own if she ever wants to find happiness. 

Heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking, Abby’s story shows how the ripple effects of an identity crisis can damage for the greater good the construction of a strong character.


"the truth is that the hopes and illusions I had nurtured toward that guy had fed my mind for so long that they had become my life rack. These fantasies about us together made me feel alright when so many things were wrong. I could think about him and deliberately let my imagination wander. He was my personal -and very perfect- hope for the relationship I always wanted. He was the artificial pump that kept me alive when I felt half dead. That pump had helped me breathe and filled me with strength when my own had temporarily disappeared. And I guess that all I could do now was un-plug the pump and let this story be what it was in the first place, dead."

Mounia loves to write stories about life, love, and loads of other things that don't necessarily manifest in real life - sometimes for the better. She's just published her first New Adult novel "CELEBRATION". When she's not writing novels, she goes for the shorter format and writes pieces for different online magazines that all end-up compiled on her website.

Although she is a self-proclaimed poor social media user, she keeps doing her best, one day at a time. You can reach her on Twitter, Instagram, or via her website and she'll always respond to you and all that, not using the third person. she says  "I promise :)"

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