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As a lot of you know, I've been working in the industry with InkSlinger PR and have also written a book and have been signed with an agent in the last year and a half or so - so I'm no longer writing reviews - but am still doing fun playlist posts, and gift giving guides and things of the like.

Carmen and Ursula are super busy too, and have both had their own successes that make blogging difficult at times. So to help me (and us) keep you guys updated with reviews on the best new releases, I've brought on another blogger!

Welcome Krystle! 

Here's a little more about her:

Hii! My name is Krystle, I'm 18 and I'm a first year college student. I wake up everyday in hopes to find something new to this life; I look for the realness and genuineness in everything and anything surface-based immediately bores me. I love words, I talk to strangers more than I should, and I am entirely made up of espresso coffee. Also, one direction is my guilty pleasure (but I don't feel so guilty about it)

Now that the basics are out of the way, I realized my love for books in kindergarten when my teacher gave me a brand spanking new, flashy, hard copy of "The Rainbow Fish". Since then my mom would have to rip books out of my hand to get me to stop reading them. But there was about three years of my life where I just completely stopped reading all together for no apparent reason (first three years of high school)(forever regretful) and then come senior year I was introduced to my favorite series ever by Anna Todd called "After" but i'm sure you already guessed that, I finished all of the books in 5 days. So that sorta sparked the flame all over again and since then I've been itching for a new book every time I close one. Something about the way you really have no control over the world inside the pages, a way to escape and discover all at the same time. it's cool how there is a book out there for everyone

I also love to write and have been doing so my whole life, I do intend on writing a book sometime in the (hopefully) near future, but writers block is very faithful whenever I attempt it, so I'll stick with reading others for now.

you can follow my twitter and instagram below!

Thanks for helping us welcome the newest member to the grownupfangirl staff! 

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