Banned Books Week - September 27th through October 3rd - Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

Every year hundreds of books are challenged for various different reasons and some end up being banned from school libraries and summer reading programs. 

Not only is it our intent to spread the word but also to provide you with some great resources to learn more about banned and challenged books. 

Most books are challenged by parents and some educators, most of the time with no ill intentions, but to protect children from questionable content. While this is commendable, we can not allow for literary material to be banned from school libraries based on others' beliefs.
All parents should be reponsible for controlling the content their children can read and restict it as they see fit, but that should end with their children as oppose to trying to get books off summer reading lists for example, and imposing their views on the others' children. 

Not all books that are challenged are banned, actually most are not. There are some cases though in which the complaint of just one parent has gotten a book removed from a summer reading list or from the school library all together. 

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Did you know Harry Potter is one of the most challenged books out there? It made the Top 100 in the ALA's Banned and Challenged Books List 
Check it out and see what other titles made the list. 
Harry Potter has often been challenged because it's perceived as material that promotes witchcraft. It's also been considered a bad example because the young characters tend to challenge authority, among other transgressions.  One of the most common reasons as well is due too violence, many parents consider these series too violent to be considered middle grade. 

Books open a world of possibilities for readers and we should celebrate our freedom to read!

Get involved! Here are some Activity ideas for Banned Books Week :) 

This week is a great week for you to head out to your local indie bookstore and pick up a banned book! Find some recommendations in the top 10 challenged books for 2014 list HERE


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