THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION by Verity Jacobs - Excerpt and Giveaway {Blog Tour}

We are excited to bring you an excerpt for the Blog Tour for Verity Jacobs' THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION! THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION! It is a contemporary romance, and the second book in Verity Jacobs’ The Expat Series. Check out all the stops along the way for fun content and new excerpts!

  The Music of Temptation

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 Margot Duke can’t keep her long-distance relationship alive any more than she can the cells that are supposed to be taking center stage in her PhD thesis. Both seem to be suffering an inexplicably long and drawn-out death, and she’s spent more than enough time fretting about it, without any solution in sight. It figures that the one day she chooses to pack it all in and stop caring is the day she meets Jonathan Young. Jonathan swings through town with his band, just long enough to knock Margot off her feet, and leave her feeling a little giddy in his wake. The encounter proves once and for all that her inter-continental love affair is over, but can she really stomach the idea of starting another one right on its heels? And with the darling of the indie rock world at that?

 Post-rock cell death

“Hi again,” he said, lips twitching.
“Hi.” I withered slightly, and turned to lean my elbows against the bar.
“I’m Jonathan.”
“Margot,” I managed.
“Margot,” he mused, somehow making my name sound like an invitation. “I like the way you dance.”
“Er, thanks?”
He chuckled lightly as my cheeks burned red. “You looked just as comfortable dancing here as you would around your bedroom. 
“Lab,” I corrected him.
“I dance to Paperclouds while I’m working. Helps to break the tedium.”
You work in a lab?” The inflection instantly got my back up. Why was it so difficult for people to believe that I was working toward a PhD?
“I’m a biologist. I do research. Yeah, I work in a lab,” I replied snottily.
He searched my face slowly, reading my defiance with those cool blue eyes.
“Wow,” he said, after a beat. “That’s, um, that’s really impressive.”
I felt a twinge of regret for reacting so badly.
“What do you do research on?” he asked.
“The mechanics of cell death,” I said by rote. I always had a standard spiel in reserve for interested parties and great-aunts. Not necessarily the dumbed-down version, but certainly the pop-science story. It made social chit-chat easier to navigate.
“Huh,” he said with a smile. “I might have to write a song about that. It sounds suitably post-rock. Tell me about it.”
I settled into story-telling mode, starting with the end game — disease and affliction, therapy and cures — working my way back to the minutiae of my project: fiddling with cell shape and structure to get at how and why things go wrong on that scale.
But the story arc was quickly abandoned as Jonathan prodded and probed, interjecting with questions and clarifications, and giving me more food for thought than I’d had in months. It wasn’t like talking to a scientist — another expert who knew the system well enough to ask the right questions.
It was different. Refreshing.
He pushed me in ways that I wasn’t used to. All the things I took for granted about my work were suddenly up for discussion. In most cases I knew the answers instinctively, but just having to revisit the questions was incredibly stimulating.
Now I couldn’t decide what was more turned on: my body, or my brain. 

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TheScience of Attraction

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 Kate Ramsey is at the top of her game. She’s the hot new recruit at the most prestigious research institute in Germany, and she’s determined to live up to the hype — even if it means working day and night. Stress relief comes in the form of a no-nonsense affair with her neighbor, who also happens to be the director of the institute. Who says sex should be anything more than a contract between two people who have other things on their mind? So when Tom Baker saunters into her life, Kate is understandably upset to see this well-oiled machine splutter and seize. Tom is young and smart, and far too pretty for his own good. Kate can’t help but be drawn to him, even if giving in to the attraction would mean risking everything she’s worked for.

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About Verity Jacobs: Verity Jacobs is a reformed scientist, who left the lab when she fell in love with writing about love. She lives with her husband and baby girl in London, where she dreams by day and writes all night long. She is addicted to the heart flutters and stomach flips of the fictional romance world.               

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