Release Day Launch: The Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs + Giveaway

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We are excited to bring you the Release Day Launch and Blog Tour for Verity Jacobs' THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION! THE MUSIC OF TEMPTATION is a contemporary romance, and the second book in Verity Jacobs’ The Expat Series. Check out all the stops along the way for fun content and new excerpts!

  The Music of Temptation

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 Margot Duke can’t keep her long-distance relationship alive any more than she can the cells that are supposed to be taking center stage in her PhD thesis. Both seem to be suffering an inexplicably long and drawn-out death, and she’s spent more than enough time fretting about it, without any solution in sight. It figures that the one day she chooses to pack it all in and stop caring is the day she meets Jonathan Young. Jonathan swings through town with his band, just long enough to knock Margot off her feet, and leave her feeling a little giddy in his wake. The encounter proves once and for all that her inter-continental love affair is over, but can she really stomach the idea of starting another one right on its heels? And with the darling of the indie rock world at that?

  Excerpt: Keeping it PG-13
“Hi,” Jonathan said, the timbre of his voice running up and down my body like fingertips on silk. “It’s nice to meet you all.”
I looked over at him and felt my desire bloom inside again. His smile was suddenly open and easy, his eyes twinkling under that fabulous mess of dark hair. I felt the entire table fall under his spell with a dull thud.
“So you’re in a band?” Tek squawked skittishly.
See the alpha male go all fanboy, I thought with a grin, winking when his glance flicked to mine.
“That’s cool,” he added, coming over casual and scowling back at me.
“I’m in a band,” Jonathan said with a nod.
“Not tonight though,” he continued, looking over at me and stretching an arm across the back of my chair. “Tonight, I’m just with her.”
“Her?” I repeated, getting lost in his gaze and feeling the need start to bleed through my system.
“You,” he said quietly. His hand edged forward and found the bare skin where my back met my arm. I willed it to keep going and touch the side of my breast. I wanted those hands all over me again. On my breasts and in my hair and cupping the backs of my knees as he slammed himself into me.
Now it was my turn to smile awkwardly, and he recognized the shift in an instant, a smile tugging at one corner of his mouth.
“Right, we get that you two are into each other,” said Tek, apparently having recovered from his momentary bout of groupiedom. “Can you keep it together long enough to be a little bit social?”
Jonathan laughed and turned back to face him. “Hey man, can you blame me?” he said. “She’s so fucking beautiful that I have trouble breathing sometimes when I look at her.”
I felt my heart trip over itself and then stop completely. I caught Kate’s eye just long enough to see her melt all over the floor.
“And as I only get to look at her for another twelve hours,”  he was saying, “I think you’re gonna have to suck it up and deal with our shit.”
It was Tek’s turn to laugh. “Yeah, alright,” he said. “Just try to keep it PG-13, will you?”
I smiled and leaned into Jonathan’s side, snuggling up against him and shivering when his fingers found the lace of my bra, playing out the thoughts I’d just entertained.   

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TheScience of Attraction

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 Kate Ramsey is at the top of her game. She’s the hot new recruit at the most prestigious research institute in Germany, and she’s determined to live up to the hype — even if it means working day and night. Stress relief comes in the form of a no-nonsense affair with her neighbor, who also happens to be the director of the institute. Who says sex should be anything more than a contract between two people who have other things on their mind? So when Tom Baker saunters into her life, Kate is understandably upset to see this well-oiled machine splutter and seize. Tom is young and smart, and far too pretty for his own good. Kate can’t help but be drawn to him, even if giving in to the attraction would mean risking everything she’s worked for.

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About Verity Jacobs: Verity Jacobs is a reformed scientist, who left the lab when she fell in love with writing about love. She lives with her husband and baby girl in London, where she dreams by day and writes all night long. She is addicted to the heart flutters and stomach flips of the fictional romance world.          

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