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In Beautiful Stranger, finance whiz Sara Dillon met the irresistibly sexy Brit, Max Stella, at a New York City club. Through the series we’ve watched them learn to balance commitment with their less than private brand of playfulness. In Beautiful Beloved, Max and Sara take it to the next step. But the question is: Will they be able to find a balance between the wild sexcapades they aren’t ready to retire, and the demands of parenthood that come along with their new Beautiful bundle of joy? Parenthood: it’s not for the weak of heart.

                                                                                    Review by Ursula U.

5 Very Swoony Stars

Beautiful Beloved brings us Max and Sarah back and that alone should make you drop whatever it is you are doing and go get it! Because… yeah…Max! 

I absolutely adored this novella. It wasn’t just your typical happy follow up to the happy ending. Max and Sarah’s life has changed with the arrival of Annabelle and they will have to adjust to being parents, but most importantly reconnect with each other.
Children are wonderful, but they are also messy life altering tiny humans. Max and Sarah are smitten with Anna but they are trying to find that balance in their love life, work life and parenthood that seems to have spun outta control over the past 4 months.

Sleepless nights and a crying baby at the most inopportune moments.

The search for someone to babysit so they can go on a date is only half the battle, the other half is not thinking about the baby the whole time they are out.

Beautiful Beloved is short and witty (there are some hilarious moments that had me laughing out loud), but there is also tender and sweet moments. Oh wait! Did I mention hot? If you thought Max and Sarah were wild before well you are in for a treat. Becoming a parent has introduced them to each other in a whole different light. At the beginning it’s hard to fall back into the easy, carefree, wild dynamic they always had but once they find their balance things get pretty intense.

The bonus is that we get to meet Niall, and he was there for less than 5 pages and he had me seriously swooning! I’m not sure my heart can handle two Stella boys!

Once again Christina Lauren doesn’t disappoint! This series just keeps on getting better and better!

Thanks to Gallery Books and Simon and Schuster for the review copy!

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