Review: AFTER WE FELL by Anna Todd


Book Three of the After series—now newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd’s After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet’s most talked-about book for yourself!

Tessa and Hardin’s love was complicated before. Now it’s more confusing than ever. AFTER WE FELL…Life will never be the same. #HESSA

Just as Tessa makes the biggest decision of her life, everything changes. Revelations about first her family, and then Hardin’s, throw everything they knew before in doubt and makes their hard-won future together more difficult to claim.

Tessa’s life begins to come unglued. Nothing is what she thought it was. Not her friends. Not her family. The one person she should be able to rely on, Hardin, is furious when he discovers the massive secret she’s been keeping. And rather than being understanding, he turns to sabotage.

Tessa knows Hardin loves her and will do anything to protect her, but there’s a difference between loving someone and being able to have them in your life. This cycle of jealousy, unpredictable anger, and forgiveness is exhausting. She’s never felt so intensely for anyone, so exhilarated by someone’s kiss—but is the irrepressible heat between her and Hardin worth all the drama? Love used to be enough to hold them together. But if Tessa follows her heart now, will it be…the end?

 Review by Ursula U.

5 stars
(this review contains spoilers for After and After We Collided)

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The After series keeps on getting better and better! After We Fell is by far my favorite of the three!

At the end of After We Collided we were left again on a cliffhanger with a rather unexpected turn of events, Tessa is trying to find a way to break the news of her impending move to Seattle to Hardin when she runs into her estranged father outside a tattoo shop…

I hope you guys are fond of rollercoasters because, this book like its two predecessors, is nothing short of one, so hang on tight! 

It’s no surprise when I tell you that as soon as I started I was already frustrated.
Tessa is going ahead with her plans to relocate to Seattle with Vance Publishing, Things are rocky with Hardin though not completely called off.
Hardin is wayyyyyyyy frustrating though, when one thinks that he is starting to understand that a relationship takes compromise and that it's not all about him and what he wants, he turns into the most unreasonable person ever. He doesn’t have a valid reason at all to not want to move with Tessa to Seattle other than his insecurities, but yet even when he knows this he still chooses to be a total idiot about it.
Tessa talks him into coming on a weekend trip with her and his family, in an effort to try and mend things and have some fun together.
The trip will prove to be anything but fun! I felt like jumping into the book and screaming at Hardin I just couldn't even process what he was doing!
 Once again the Hardin from the past surfaces and it’s like we took 10 steps backward rather than forward, again he proves he can be overly controlling and inconsiderate. I was seriously pissed with him when I found out the lengths that he went to in order to try and get his way. I couldn’t blame Tessa for being tired of his antics, when over and over he screws things up and then expects her to just forgive and forget.
I was glad though to see that Tessa didn’t give in to Hardin’s wishes, and put herself and her career first. I think Hardin needs to learn that not everything can go his way.
Though while super smart for some things Tessa can be soooo dense for others. She gets invited to a “going away” party at the frat house out of all places. Why would she even consider going there and hanging out with all those people that were nothing but horrible to her? I was screaming at the top of my lungs in frustration, ok fine maybe I was screaming into my Goodreads updates, but seriously Tessa!!
This is the point when things start getting really screwy and my heart was racing out of my chest, I mean we have seen betrayal before and I really didn’t think I would see anything that would have me totally flabbergasted again…! I was crying angry tears for Tessa, I had to put the book down and walk away from it for a bit… I was in total and absolute disbelief…

I don’t want to give you tooo many details but just know that there is drama, frat house drama, Tessa’s dad drama, Tessa’s mother drama oh! and if you didn’t guess it? Yeah, there is plenty of Zed drama!
I mean I get it Zed is hot, he is nice, he shows up at the right time and at the right place but come on Tessa!!!! How much more are you going to push Hardin? Again I found myself wanting to slap some sense into this girl.

In After We Fell, like After We Collided, we have Hardin’s POV which again is crucial to the story because while he still makes you mad you can understand why he is the way he is. I cant deny the growth in him, trying to control his temper, trying not to be impulsive and especially being much more considerate with Tessa, even his relationship with Landon makes you smile in this book. Again you see the wonderful guy he can be if he can learn to love himself.

But, it’s Hessa we are talking about here so drama doesn’t stay at bay for too long and the last part of the book will prove to be jaw dropping totally unexpected drama, and for this I won’t drop even a hint because you really need to experience this for yourself. All I can say is that it was unexpected and devastating, I’m scared for Hardin and his state of mind and him falling into that downward spiral he seems to often flirt with. What he will face will definitely be a very tough pill to swallow.

The last line in this book left me hyperventilating and in disbelief…

and in need of wine.. lots and lots of wine... 

It has been a very long time since I've had a book hangover, years even. I finished After We Fell and couldn't stop thinking about it, let alone start another book right away.

The fourth and final installment will be hitting shelves on February 24, yup that's 49 days from today (but who's counting), I can totally wait, because I'm so not dying to know what happens next....

AAAAHHHHH! Who am I kidding!!?

Thanks again to Gallery Books and Simon and Schuster for providing me with review copies, you guys are the best!

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  1. This was my favorite book at of the series. It really had me holding my breath at each turn of the page. It really showed the growth of the characters.

    click here

    1. I agree to some extent. I think they are truly both young and because Hessa decided to make career changes in her life, she took on a new role and tried to walk in those new shoes. Unfortunately, her immaturity led her back into a toxic relationship she shouldn't be in. She let her hormones dictate to her instead of thinking clearly. This where she hadn't grown. The same for Hardin. He live in a world where he think he can get whatever he wants no matter the cost or measure on how to get it. He still haven't learned that in order to have a good relationship, he must change inside to see himself. This series to me is a horrible example for people to want to look up to. The author has portrayed this as a love story but this is far from love. People have a twisted idea that just because their is an intense feeling of attraction that they have never felt before or an obsession about a person that they can't do without, then it's equated to being in love. They are drawn to each other because they are both broken. That's the link that connects them. A broken person can't fix another broken person. All it will end up is a bigger mess with more broken pieces. This is why for the author to portray that they can just coast through all the toxicity and everything will be just fine is delusional and create a somewhat false hope for people that are in reality with a jealous out of control partner. Most cases NEVER end up well and there is no Happily Ever After.

  2. "grown up" yeah lol good luck glorifying toxic relationships.
    "The Hardin from the past surfaces" That's cause abusive men never change and if this was realistic Tessa would end up dead or trying to run away from him. Another thing that I can't quite understand and makes me angry is how a woman can write a book encouraging girls like you to believe you can change or "fix" an abuser, if you ever meet a man like Harding (wich I hope doesn't happen) you will see what hell it's like

    1. wen you mix with the wrong people and you are in it already its hard to go back, love is not a fairy tale and the woman who wrote this story waned us to see how love can effect your choices and that it is up to you if you going to put up with it or change and also that in relationship nothing is perfect we all have our own problems and angry thoughts and feelings , some of us gets our heart broken and others relationship are working so i think writing book where you can feel that nothing is perfect is so inspirational and unique , Anna Todd i love your books so far i have read book 1 and 2 and its awesome .

    2. i get where your coming from but Hardin has never been intentionally abusive towards Tessa. I do agree its a toxic relationship but he is doing his best to change for her, after all it is his childhood that made him so cold and distant. just image that your Hardin... you wouldn't want people to give up on you or would you rather them try to fix and love you?

    3. I get what you're saying but don't try to make someone stay with a person just because it seems like the "right " thing to do. Get help first because no one can just "fix" themselves. When dealing with an unstable person, what happens is they snap. The next response you'll hear is "I didn't mean for that to happen. I would never hurt you! You got to believe me. It was an accident." Then it starts to happen more frequently until finally, when you do want to leave, they can't handle and the obsession takes over and you're in a life or death situation. Never deal with an unstable person. What needs to be emphasized is he needs to get professional help. For the alcoholism, which she has issues too and for his trauma. Then maybe, they could see maybe they are either right or not right for each other with a clear head and not one driven by intense passionate sex. The story line is very cliché.

  3. I dont know why but i really disliked this book. It was basically just about tessa and hardin's toxic relationship going back and forth throughout the whole book (which isnt a suprise). I really dont understand why tessa keeps coming back to hardin! Like yeah i get it love makes u do strange things but i still dont get why tessa still puts up with hardins shit. Their relationship is literally the definition of toxic. They fight,then they just end up sleeping together and boom everything is forgiven. Anyways I really dont reccomend this book but i definitly love and suggest the other 3 books.

  4. I so agree with you. It's a dangerous line when you're making abuse romantic. I suffered in an abusive relationship and literally almost died. Only God saved me. Making an angry man that has a problem controlling his anger and as out of control as he is in this book, into something beautiful is absurd! People will write anything to make money but ask a real life person what's it like to be in a relationship like that and it will not be a happy story. What this shows is that two people have an intense sexual desire for each other and because they are both broken, the author spins it into love. This is not love. Love is patient and kind. Nothing about either of these characters represent what young girls and women should accept in a relationship. This is why so many women fall victim to abuse because they watch these movies and think, well maybe I can have a happy ending too and end up losing their lives. Please think before you publish and make movies. This is not a series we should be marveling over.

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